Frequent urination, where you feel a sensation to pass urine more often than normal, is not just an annoyance and a cause of not getting a good night sleep, it can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.
Chronic renal failure patients will have increased urine output and the frequency of urination will also increase especially frequent urination at nights.
Usually when GFR reduces to 10%-25% and creatinine is elevated to 450-707, there will be obvious increased night urination and at the same time there will be anemia, water and electrolyte disorder, blood in urine and bubbles in urine. Under normal circumstances, urine output at night is less than that during the daytime because of low metabolism and slow blood flow at nights. However if there is frequent urination at night (more than 2 times) and much increased night urine output and this condition lasts for a long time, it usually indicates kidney problems.

In case of many kidney diseases---glomerular diseases, chronic tubular interstitial diseases, the first symptom and sign will be frequent night urination due to declined renal function of concentration.
Another reason is that the damaged kidney can not discharge all the metabolic wastes and toxins during the daytime and the kidneys have to work at nights to discharged the remaining wasteful products.
Mental factors such as high nervousness can cause frequent night urination, but usually the volume does not increase. Cardiac insufficiency or endocrine disease such as chronic adrenal insufficiency can also cause frequent urinating at night. However if the frequent night urination is confirmed to be caused by renal disease, you are recommended to go to local kidney disease hospital and seek professional and early treatment.

Polyuria is a medical term that refers to the excessive passing of urine (frequent urination). High blood pressure and diabetes are common factors that can damage renal concentration function and cause frequent night urination and increased night urine output.

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