Sometimes the RLS symptoms of this syndrome are so bad that people are unable to walk and have to take powerful pain-blocking drugs just to get through another day.
It appears that exercising helps a lot of people stop the irritating and often debilitating RLS symptoms. Imagine trying to drive a motor vehicle while dealing with unpredictable nervous seizures of muscle and limbs – not to mention the “phantom-limb” pains, severe sleep deprivation and adverse drug effects they often suffer. MERRF generally affects children and adolescents or even adults at times, and almost always occurs after normal development in infancy.
LHON can result in complete blindness in one or both eyes, within about 6 months of initial symptoms.

Kearns-Sayre syndrome has symptoms characteristic of most other mitochondrial disease however the eyes are especially affected. Many people experience these symptoms non-stop, not only in their legs, but also in their hips, arms, neck and face muscles, as well.
The other challenge is that many other medical conditions have very similar symptoms, therefore making accurate diagnosis difficult.
Along with the common ophthalmological symptoms, other neurological symptoms that are characteristic of mitochondrial disorders are also present. The condition of patients can be stable for many years, but progression of the disease worsens the symptoms.

This results in energy deficits under stressful conditions within neurons, in particular regions of the nervous system, and leads to the symptoms described above.

A continuous positive airway pressure device (cpap) is used to treat cystic fibrosis
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