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There are two categories of sleep medications to choose from: prescription and non-prescription. Somnaprin has been rated one of the best sleep medications because it is safe and effective. Even the smallest amount of research will show you that there is a very long list of drugs available that are designed to help you to sleep. By talking to your doctor, you will be able to work together to discuss your current mental and physical health, any existing conditions, and you can try to determine what is causing your sleeplessness so that you can then come up with the best sleep medications for your use. As you weigh the pros and cons to choose the best sleep medications, you will likely discover that these pills aren’t without their serious downsides. For example, almost every kind of sleeping drug, even the best sleep medications, can form a dependency. When you understand that what you are seeking is a temporary solution to help you through a short time of sleeplessness, and not a miracle cure, you will be much better prepared to discover which option is best suited to you.

ANN ARBOR—The medical community may be inadvertently creating a new generation of illegal, recreational drug users by prescribing anti-anxiety or sleep medications to teenagers, say University of Michigan researchers. Teens prescribed anxiety or sleep medications are up to 12 times more likely to abuse those drugs than those who had never had a prescription, either by using someone else's prescription pills or to get high or experiment, according to a study from the U-M School of Nursing.
Nearly 9 percent of the 2,745 adolescent study participants had received a prescription for anxiety or sleep medications during their lifetime, and more than 3 percent received at least one prescription during the three-year study period. Anxiety and sleep medications can be addictive or even fatal when mixed with narcotics or alcohol, said Boyd, who is also a professor of women's studies and research professor at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and at the U-M Addiction Research Center in the Department of Psychiatry. Examples of anti-anxiety medications include Klonopin, Xanax and Ativan; sleep medications include Ambien, Restoril and Lunesta. Adolescents prescribed anxiety medications during their lifetime, but not during the study, were 12 times more likely to use someone else's anxiety medication than participants who had never been prescribed such drugs. Those prescribed anxiety or sleep medications during the study period were 10 times more likely to abuse them within two years, to get high or to experiment, than teens without prescriptions. White students were twice as likely as black students to use others' medications, and females older than 15 and teens who had prescriptions for longer periods of time were more likely to abuse the medications. It's the first longitudinal study to determine whether teens' recent medical use of anxiety or sleep medications is associated with later taking somebody else's prescription medication illegally, either for self-treatment or recreational use.
The study recommends better education for parents and adolescents prescribed these medications, monitoring refills and making it standard practice to give teens a substance use assessment before prescribing these drugs.

The study, "A prospective study of adolescents' nonmedical use of anxiolytic and sleep medication," appears in the American Psychological Association journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. It sure beats taking potentially dangerous sleeping pills.And for stress, anxiety, and low mood, you may find Neuro-Natural Serenity helpful. These difficulties keep them from living a good quality of life since they have to struggle to overcome chronic fatigue and health issues related to poor sleep. The best prescription sleep medications are considered to be Ambien, Lunesta and Prosom, however taking these types of medications can pose serious health risks, such as addiction.
Designed to provide results similar to the most popular sleep medications, Somnaprin’s formula contains pharmacological ingredients that are much safer than prescription sleep drugs.
This formula is also unique in that it does not contain ineffective herbs or extracts like so many other non-prescription sleep medications.

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