Sleeping pills are among the pills that are not recommended for everyone since it could pose a lot of risks to your health. Furthermore, it is stated that it is much better to think of melatonin as a way to tell your brain that it is ready for night time or winter cycle.
It will help speed up preparation for sleep and it could provide your body clock changes in shifting to sleep cycle. This is again a mistake for wrong amounts of melatonin or taking melatonin at a wrong schedule for it will cause you serious risks.

This is another mistake for your issues in sleeping are not caused by the lack of melatonin.
It is relatively studied that the average supplement of melatonin is 20-50 times more than you need. In that case, you may find it difficult to assess whether you are taking the right amount of melatonin or not.
This is to ensure that you will be able to prevent side effects and complications, which will somehow give you more serious problems than sleeping issues.

In order to provide you with good examples, you can consider the incorrect usage of Melatonin by people.

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