Apart from the antihistamine-based sleeping pills and hormone melatonin, all most all the non-addictive sleeping aids are herbal. It is extracted from the root portion of the valerian plant can effective for good night sleep.
Other than herbs, there are some other non-addictive sleeping aids like relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.
Most nonprescription pills available now as sleeping aids contain antihistamines as the major ingredient.
Other than herbs and medications, there are some other non-addictive sleeping aids that are altering your lifestyle habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, stressful activities during the day.

Sleeping well is our natural way of life, so having sleeping problems is a sign that something isn't right.
Sleep is a vital part of our daily lives and Natural Sleep Aid will help relax the nervous system to ease your mind so you can rest and recover, to keep us healthy. People who used antihistamines as sleeping aids have complained that they feel hang over for several hours after waking up from the sleep. Natural Sleep Aid is a combination of 19 all-natural ingredients that is formulated by Salt Lake Supplements to help you with inducing your body into falling asleep without the complications of a prescription. It relaxes your muscles, and is binds to GABA receptors which affect the central nervous system and sleepiness.

John's Wort, Skull cap, hops and Inositol are natural adaptogens which protects the nervous system and aids in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety.
These minerals contain tryptophan, an amino acid the body uses to produce melatonin, a natural hormone that helps induce and maintain sleep.

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