There are a few things you can do to help your child to possibly avoid some of those bad dreams and the preparations need to take place well before bedtime. Ever since I started tapping out nightmares, the frequency with which I’ve experienced bad dreams has dropped precipitously. As I parent we do not always know what our kids are worrying about and what might be causing some of those bad dreams.
Work through it with praises for anything they may have done good during the dream; yelling at the monster for example.

Reading a book that deals with bad dreams is a great way to help ease their fears and anxieties. Sometimes I needed to repeat it a few times, but every single time the dream would dissolve, along with whatever it was that had been bothering me. Turn off the news as many times very frightening to hear and the images can be very graphic to a child. Watch for patterns such as if your child seems to have a nightmare after being at a certain place or with a certain person.

Typically these days I might get a single mildly bad dream maybe once or twice a month, if that.

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