Melatonin is a simple compound which is produced in the body as a result of conversion of the amino acid L-tryptophan. In the 1990s Wurtman published a study in which he had given subjects a melatonin supplement at 9 o'clock in the evening, 2-4 hours before they went to sleep.
Melatonin reduced the amount of time the subjects needed to fall asleep once they'd gone to bed, as the figure below shows. After ingesting this miniscule dose of melatonin the amount of melatonin in the blood of the subjects rose spectacularly.
European regular melatonin users didn't need to lose any sleep over this, according to the man who discovered melatonin.
He then worked out that this was because the pineal gland normally secretes melatonin before you go to sleep.

They discovered that the optimal dose of 0.3 mg did not make the subjects feel dopey, lethargic or sleepy. Melatonin is a class of drug called a neuro-hormone, it has a number of potential veterinary uses such as sedative properties, may act as an anti-convulsant, and it can help regulate your dog's body rhythms and reproductive cycles.
Melatonin has been used to help sleep patterns in pets that are very active at night and not sleeping at the right time. Dose rates for Melatonin in the dog : While this is an over the counter drug it is used in some complex situations, you would therefore be wise to get your vet involved rather than self treat on your own. Melatonin is also being recommended by more and more vets for the treatment of Canine Cushings disease. The body naturally releases Melatonin in response to changes in light, with Melatonin levels rising at night.

If you consume small amounts of melatonin at the time when you usually fall asleep, the pineal reacts by producing extra melatonin itself. That said for small dogs, Melatonin is given at up to 1 mg per dog three times a day orally. Melatonin can also help with separation anxiety in dogs and other phobias such as fireworks etc.
And in larger dogs consider a dose rate of up to 9 mg dog orally again given three times a day.

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