A new study adds to the growing evidence that there’s a connection between sleeping enough hours every night to maintaining a healthy weight. Lack of sleep has been found to create a hormone imbalance, which increases the appetite and leads to putting on weight, it is claimed.
Even partial sleep deprivation was found to be a factor in body weight regulation, with research suggesting a good night's sleep could have a significant impact in the fight against obesity. Research found that over a third of Americans were obese and more than a quarter get less than six hours sleep a night. But changing an individual's daily routine, including sleep patterns, could be a vital step in helping to shed the pounds, it is claimed. This idea seems possible to me because I find that when I'm sleep deprived I want to eat more to energize myself (due to fatigue) but it doesn't really work so I keep snacking. I know there were times when I was younger and I was sleepy at work during the day, I would have a snack, and snacked on 60 pounds over about 12 years.

Loss of sleep for one night can alter your genes and increase your risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity, research revealed. Swedish researchers at Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institutet stated that genes that control the biological clocks in cells of the body are changed even after one night of sleep loss.
Researchers found that the clock genes had more number of such DNA marks after loss of sleep. The study is first of its kind to show that epigenetic changes occur after sleep loss in humans, but also in these tissues, stated Cedernaes.
This implies that at least some kind of sleep loss or prolonged wakefulness such as shift work could result in some changes in the genome of your tissues that can negatively affect your metabolism for longer time, authors stated. They compared the results after the men had normal sleep and after they had one night without sleep. I wonder if they'll find later that the quality of the sleep and people's hormones while sleeping matter as well.

For instance, if you sleep 10 to 12 hours per day, you have less time to eat, and subsequently, you will ingest less food.
Research conducted earlier has proved that loss of sleep causes adverse effects on metabolism, which in turn increases the risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity. Molecular analyses of the collected tissue samples proved that the regulation and activity of clock genes was changed after loss of sleep for a night.
If he has something he needs to do extra-early in the morning, he simply goes to bed and goes to sleep early, so he'll be well-rested.

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