Feeling tired or exhausted is a common early pregnancy symptom, but one which is not always related to hormones or pregnancy. In the early days of pregnancy, tiredness is a common symptom, but not always related entirely to the new hormonal state or growing foetus.
As your body adjusts to the enormous metabolic changes that are necessary to grow your baby, the tiredness and fatigue usually subside (around 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy), bringing renewed energy and vigour.

You may wish to read about  stress and relaxation to banish tiredness from pregnancy, the fact is there is very little you can do about tiredness other than change your lifestyle and not schedule in as much activity. It is normal for a woman to feel tired at different stages of her pregnancy – and entire life. For example, if this is not your first pregnancy, you may feel continually exhausted because you are looking after another child.

Some newly pregnant women become extremely fatigued during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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