Insomnia is a growing sleep complaint (especially among teenagers) but is also evident in groups of adults, women and people experiencing depression.
Insomnia has a significant (negative) impact on your health, lifestyle, relationships, and work-productivity on an everyday basis.
Acute Insomnia: This is the most common type of insomnia that lasts for a short period of time (several nights up to three weeks) and it does not require any treatment. Chronic Insomnia: Insomnia that lasts more than three weeks is classified as chronic insomnia. Medication or substance use or abuse – Anti depressants and other allergy medications can cause insomnia.

Habits or lifestyles – Irregular sleep schedules and work shifts can lead to insomnia as individuals try to keep themselves awake through the night and get less sleep during the day. According to the team, insomnia cannot be classed as a nighttime disorder but as a cerebral condition that lasts all day long, like a light switch that is always on. The study, published in the review Sleep, has found that the motor cortex of those suffering from insomnia is more plastic than that of those sleeping deeply. The research has involved 28 adults, 18 of which with chronic insomnia while 10 considered as good sleepers. By giving them electrical pulses using TMS, experts found that the brain of insomniacs was more plastic and adaptable to changes.

The link between plasticity and insomnia remains anyway unclear but the finding could lead to the development of therapies that reduce neurons’ excitability in order to facilitate sleep.

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