As the name suggests, generalized anxiety disorder encompasses anxiety which is general in nature and not connected to any particular event.Generally this disorder is identified by someone who experiences extreme worry everyday for no particular reason. OCD is a condition where the sufferer has constant obsessions and rituals which are designed to help relieve their feelings of anxiety.These obsessions can get so severe that they begin to take over the persons live completely. Discussing the signs and symptoms of your anxiety disorder with your doctor is an important part of your treatment plan.

There are many anxiety treatments that do not include medication but it is not a bad thing if you need it to get your anxiety under control. When anxiety occurs later on in life it is often due to a depressive illness.There are various anxiety treatments available but it is important that the patient has a good understanding of how the treatments work and whether or not there are any side affects. Because of this it is important that questions are asked when first prescribed these anxiety medications by the doctor.

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