At times this will manifest itself in poor health, however more often than not the first thing to be thrown out of kilter is our sleep. Lack of pure sleep (without the use of medication) is one of mans greatest tortures and if allowed to continue the person will be unable to perform daily tasks efficiently, eventually spiralling downwards into ill health. Phase III trials studying the efficacy and safety of MK-4305 in elderly and non-elderly insomnia patients are ongoing. This lady suffers from Bipolar disorder, and prior to our session had been visiting her GP weekly, undergoing regular treatment with an osteopath for 18 months, she had lost her job, her husband had left her, she loathed her house and she hadn’t slept properly for 8 years.

She told me that the doctor only wants to see her monthly now and has taken her off her medication, her osteopath has told her to return in 6 months, she is sleeping through the night, her estranged husband has come back to her, she has been asked to return to work, her home is now her sanctuary and her children are loving the new her.
These neuropeptides are produced by neurons, located within the hypothalamus region of the brain, and play a key role in regulation of the brain’s sleep-wake process. Orexins are neuropeptides (chemical messengers) that are released by specialized neurons in the hypothalamus region of the brain and are believed to be an important regulator of the brain’s sleep-wake process. The data were presented for the first time at the SLEEP 2010 24th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.

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