Catnip is one of the most effective and to-the-point options when it comes to an herbal tea for insomnia.
Valerian herbal tea is often suggested for people who need a more intense tranquilizer effect in their herbal tea to get rest. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a powerful anti-anxiety herb that gently soothes and quiets the body and the mind which is often all it takes to enter into a state of deep healing sleep.
This herb is wonderful in flavor and aroma, and has been used for countless centuries as an herb of many healing benefits. Hops is gentle, soothing, and nurturing, and it goes really well with just about any herb you may add it to.
As an alternative, you may want to consider using an herbal remedy for insomnia, which can be an effective cure for your problem.Insomnia causes depressed immune systemInsomnia is a condition that can affect your entire life.

When occasional sleeplessness hits, we’re lucky that we can turn to herbal tea for insomnia that can help lull us off into dreamland so that we wake up feeling refreshed, healthy, and ready for whatever life may bring. If you find that you suffer from insomnia or restless sleep several times a week, it many be time to chat with a medical professional.
Chamomile is a gentle and enjoyable go-t0 for stress and sleep issues, and it blends really well with just about every other herb! As with all powerful herbs, start small and work up slowly to see how your unique system works with what the herb does. Today we’re going to explore several herbs and blends that can help you have the best sleep ever! Occasional insomnia and sleeplessness is pretty much normal these days and herbal tea can help, but when it becomes chronic the advice of a health expert is best.

Most of these herbs address the problem effectively, but they do so in a far more gentle manner than prescription medications and, generally, without serious side effects. The herbalist will then either use a standard formula or create an individualized prescription just for you.
Even better, you might try combining herbs with relaxation techniques and other lifestyle changes.

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