Some people believe that because digital technology permits us to work round-the-clock we don’t get enough sleep at night. Although this may be a factor in increased rates of insomnia, it’s hard to believe that our lives are more stressful than the lives of our ancestors. What is new today is research that shows that we can’t afford to ignore the destructive effects of insomnia to our lives, if we wish to live healthily and long (Medical News Today). Even more disconcerting than these health data is one study that shows a link between insomnia symptoms and elevated risk of death.

Although you can find many supplements and herbs for sleep in health food stores today, the best approach to chronic insomnia is to eat a balanced healthy diet.
The link between chronic insomnia and increased risk of accidents and health problems is strong enough that the US Center for Disease Control considers insomnia a public epidemic, today. Although the frequency of insomnia in the United States appears to be slightly higher than in other countries, it seems that this variance stems more from the way other cultures define insomnia than from the rates of its actual occurrence (Insomnia: Prevalence, Impact, Differential Diagnosis and Evaluation).

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