WHILE Eileen Kelly may legally be an adult, she and other Instagram starlets are inspiring underage girls to follow their overtly sexy lead, warns a psychologist. Whatever your choice, scientists say your preferred snooze mode reveals much about you and your relationship.Whether you're curled up like a baby or occupy half the bed with your arms and legs stretched wide, each of us has a preferred sleeping position. A 24-year-old man is now in Dapitan jail after he allegedly entered a room of a sleeping woman and touched her thigh. ZAMBOANGA --A man who allegedly touched the thigh of a woman while sleeping inside her room is now in jail in Dapitan City Police Station. Although it’s unclear where the video was captured, an unidentified man decided to whip out his cell phone and begin recording when he heard something coming from within his apartment. After simply greeting the couple and informing the man that the woman he’s sleeping with is married, he continues his calm and composed response.

He explained that he was just trying to remove the blanket that was covering the thigh of the sleeping woman. After slipping the key in and quickly bursting through the door, you can imagine his surprise to learn that the sounds were from his wife while she was cheating on her husband with another man. While placing his key to the apartment on a counter, he could then be heard saying, “Please give me a divorce. To get the deep sleep you need, try going to bed a little later and sleeping later in the morning. When men are the ones who do the wrapping, they tend to show they are in control, while women do it to show their nurturing nature. For a calf stretch, step forward and bend your front leg while keeping your back leg straight, in a small lunge.

Move Your LegsWhen your legs ache or twitch, moving them may ease those uncomfortable feelings.
Massage Your LegsA calf massage before bed might calm your RLS symptoms and help you get to sleep.

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