Snoring is a condition which affects the sleep and it indicates that a person is having a health problem which does not allow him to sleep.
Not only a person is unable to sleep, but anyone who is sleeping nearby is also disturbed by snoring. A person can either undergo surgery or buy some stop snoring devices or even follow some home made tips as well.
These stop snoring devices enlarge the nasal valve which opens the nasal pathways to the lungs and the throat.

Thus, the nasal passage does not get block as the person can breathe properly and snoring is reduced as well.
If snoring persists for long, then the normal sleep pattern is affected which leads to sleepless nights and a person can suffer from sleep deprivation as well. What happens is that a sensation is created due to the presence of dilators which helps to reduce the snoring and the snorer can get a good sleep. The stop snoring devices are willingly used by people and some of them are mentioned below.

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    Manufacturer's instructions for determining the appropriate degree of discomfort for sleeping. Accurately diagnose sleep apnea.
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    It acts as a slight sedative milk, do not hesitate.