Serta Mattresses, maker of the iComfort memory foam mattresses made of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, along with the experts at the National Sleep Foundation have some great tips on how to sleep cooler on hot nights.
If you have any secrets up your sleeve on how you sleep better (and help your kids sleep better) when it’s hot, please comment below!
Use shades or blinds to reduce exposing your bedroom to excessive sunlight during the day, which can make it harder to cool off at night. When your pets cuddle up against you, it may be sweet but it can disrupt your sleep and cause you to get hot during the summer.

If you work out before bedtime, make sure you aren’t too hot right before you go to sleep by drinking water and relaxing. If your bedroom is upstairs, it might be cooler to sleep downstairs on those blistering hot nights.
Freeze a damp washcloth that can be used on the neck and forehead as a cool compress or, if you didn’t think to make one earlier, use a bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack instead. Some people also find a shower or bath before bedtime or going to bed with your hair wet can help cool you down.

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