Frank Lloyd Wright first came here, in 1937 at age 72, to found a Winter sanctum, to cure his ailing lungs.He ,his wife and acolytes camped in tents for four years, until the prarie-style masterpiece took shape and was completed.
The foundation that runs the property is a functioning architectural firm, that admits 11 architectural students a year to mentor with working architects. We were approaching the Glen Canyon Damn.The huge project had created a 200 mile long Lake Powell and filled the huge Glen Canyon to the top with the water from the Green, the Escalante, the Colorado, the little Dirty and the San Juan Rivers, over a 17 year period. Kanab, a small metropolis of eight thousand souls, had been an outpost for the early Mormons, who ran their buisinesses under a “United order” concept, something like a benevolent socialism, where “each got according to his need and gave according to his ability.” I found it interesting to see this pocket or socialism so deeply embedded in the American West. Currency, will receive a copy of PILGRIMS' SONGS, together with THE CIRCULAR, for one year from Dec. First year students are required to sleep in tents, for a year, to get the feel of the land and the wind and their relationship to the buildings. We easily recognize here that “in the earth beneath” does not mean in the grave, but rather in the world. It doesn’t matter where the ball is on the table, as long as it goes over the net three times. But notice how in the parallel passage found in the Gospel of Luke that Jesus never even mentions the time period. For example, Elijah hid for three and one-half years during the famine and then fled for 40 days from Jezebel. Just like Jonah, Jesus came up from the waters of baptism and preached to the Jews for three and one-half years, warning that in one generation (or 40 years), the city and Temple would be destroyed (Matthew 12:41). They then start to sprout “arms.” The Cacti can grow to enormous size, live without water for up to seven years and exist for over 300 years.

Second year students have to design and build their own quarters.They also work the kitchens, to be familiar with what design elements should be incorporated in well designed kitchens.
We left Ruby’s and drove higher into Bryce Canyon.The snow pack was much deeper here, often several feet thick. There are vast coal deposits there, a source of much wealth for Navahos in the future, should they elect to expolit their most sacred site. The traffic was building heavily as we entered Las Vegas.The place grows yearly by leaps and bounds, reinventing it self in the process. The Bible never calls the earth the sanctuary—therefore, the sanctuary in Daniel 8:14 does not mean the earth, which was the Millerites’ blunder. Since the term “heart of the earth” is found only in Matthew 12, and nowhere else in Scripture, we need to find similar verses to reference.
When the captain found Jonah sleeping, he awoke the snoozing passenger and said, “Arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not” (Jonah 1:6). Wright also held many soirees at the school, so that prospective students would become accustomed to socializing with wealthy patrons and learn how to secure commissions for work.The man thought of everything. Next, we droped by the diner, where efficient and pleasant Navaho waitresses serves us some tasty “Navaho Tacos.” We much enjoyed them. We browsed through Denny’s., had some good coffee and delicious maple fudge and then took pictures of ourselves standing in front of a large wooden bear and a replica of an old stage coach.
However, in the violence that followed, one of the smaller boats capsized — throwing two crewmembers into the sea. This means that whatever modification this creature needed to accommodate Jonah’s temporary residence, God prepared it.

How much Jesus must love us to willingly endure all that to spare us the miserable fate of the lost!
It doesn’t matter how many hours you drive the car—if you have possession for any part of a day, you pay for the entire day. We enjoyed our narrated tour through the small and nautically designed living and sleeping quarters, admirng the many unique architectural features that brand the man a genius. The Army Corps of Engineers had turned it into lush parkland and a golf course, much enhancing the area. The terrain is hilly from erosion and the roads earthen and rough, with no improvements.The spiky chapparal and sage didn’t do much to hold down the dry, red dust that coated everything and everyone.
Much of Arizona is federal land (54%) Another 17% of its land is on native American reservations.
The place does that to you, brings you back to the things elemental like nature and religion. We wandered around the huge gift store and adjacent art gallery, admiring the western and native trinkets and baubles.Except for the pricey sculptings and paintings in the Gallery, things probably hadn’t changed much from the time when beef jerky and oxen feed were the staples.
It was interesting to see how fast the transition had occured from native American to “western” in only so few a number of miles.
It wouldn’t take a large mind-blink to revert back hundred of years here, to a land and a time when the gods of thunder had walked the earth and cast large shadows amongst and above the few primitives who huddled here.

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