If you are not getting enough sleep, your body lets you know in many ways such as being tired all the time, or getting sick constantly. According to these recent studies (here), daytime naps help to improve overall brain function. A recent study published by The Wall Street Journal, explains the different types of sleep benefits that you can receive from taking a nap.
According to the experts a 10 – 20 minute nap can help you stay alert and can be the most beneficial. Since a 60 minute nap can put you into a deep sleep a 90 minute nap can actually give you a full cycle of sleep. No matter how well you eat and exercise, if you don’t get enough sleep, your health is compromised.

If you exercise a lot, napping will help you recover better and lead to better athletic performance.
It produces protein that helps repair the damage done to our bodies during the day such as stress and any toxins. The researchers have discovered that naps aid in converting short-term memories into long-term ones by clearing the temporary storage part of the brain to make room for new information.
These hormones are responsible for your appetite, and when they are slightly out of order, it makes you eat more. Napping helps to keep these hormones in balance. According to the article the amount of time you take during your nap can benefit you in several ways. This type of nap which is also referred to as a power nap can give you the energy you need to accomplish your tasks.

The sleep benefits from this type of nap can help with your emotional and procedural memory. For those who need to retain a lot of information or may experience a high level of stress this type of nap can be the most beneficial. The experts have stated that anytime a person takes a nap for longer then 30 minutes they are actually going into a deep sleep.

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