The iSleep packet contains a blend of Chinese herbs which work together to help you get to sleep. This product works for both those who cannot get to sleep and those who wake up in the middle of the night.
Drink as a tea or place our highly concentrated (organically processed) herbal extract in your mouth and let dissolve.

Packets keep herbs fresh and more potent Packets are air moister tight Packets are individual doses Packets contain no fillers like products in capsules Our herbs are non-habit forming and completely safe. If your not getting 7-8 hours of restfully, restorative sleep each night, iSleep Herb Pac can help. When you have occasional sleeplessness, or just want to enjoy a more restful nights sleep, iSleep helps your body go to sleep and stay asleep so you can be rested and productive the next day.Each Packet contains 6 grams of herbal extract.

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