Getting a good night’s rest is often overlooked on the journey to health and wellness. When a co-worker invited me to an online Facebook party with Jamberry Nails, I was excited to learn about the product.
When you return to the problem after sleeping, you'll retrieve different information from memory than before you slept. That means that after you sleep, your memory of the problem you are solving will contain fewer surface elements and more essential elements than it did when you first started thinking about it. There are many factors in your life which may be contributing to your poor or lack of sleep.
Take a look below - Have a listen to our audio files and have a read of our tips on how to get a better nights sleep. We''ve put together this audio file for you to use to help you drift off in to a peaceful sleep.
Before you listen to this relaxation audio, get yourself in to a comfortable position, preferably lying down where you would like to sleep.
Sometimes simply lying down and listening to the calming sounds of nature will be enough to help you drop off to sleep.
The consistency with regulating your time associated with bed reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle. The key to this routine is to not be disheartened when you lay awake or struggle to nod off. Loud noises could also be contributing to your waking or sleep problems, try moving your bedroom to a quieter room, or use earplugs for an undisturbed night.
Sometimes a record of your sleeping patterns may help you find why you are sometimes failing to get an adequate sleep.
A long nap or a nap taken too late in the day may adversely affect the length and quality of your nights sleep.

Knowing how certain foods and drinks affect the body can help keep you alert during the day and avoid the agony of sleeplessness at night. Some foods which are recommended as a snack before bedtime are yoghurt, soya beans and  peanuts, they all contain chemicals which can help the body produce serotonin in order to relax. As crucial as it to avoid certain foods, it’s also important to keep track of your drinks when approaching bedtime. And steer clear of the thought of an alcoholic drink, while alcohol will make you feel sleepy, it will also affect the quality of your sleep. If you don’t spend a lot of time during the day with any form of physical exercise, this may also be contributing to the poor quality or lack of sleep. However, when I thought about what you get and how long it lasts, I realized it is a great price! When I placed my first order with Jamberry, there was a mix-up in what was shipped to me from the company. And we've learned that sleep improves your mood, helps you to learn, clears your brain of toxins, and helps you concentrate. When you are trying to develop a creative solution to a difficult problem, you need to find some knowledge that you already have that will help you take a new approach. When you return to the problem after sleeping, your description of the problem will retrieve different information from memory than it did before you slept. Not getting adequate sleep lowers levels of leptin while raising levels of ghrelin, which can cause overeating when you're sleep-deprived. Relationship problems, illness, work related stress, and many other things. It’s no surprise to many of us, that managing to get a good night’s sleep can seem somewhat impossible, even when we feel relaxed.
Using a technique known as progressive muscle relaxation we will help you to relax your mind and body, click the play button below and follow our instructions. It’s important that your body and mind knows that when you rest in bed, you are there to sleep.

See what works for you by keeping a sleep log, and a notebook on what you did and how you approached your bedtime. Drinking a warm glass of milk before bed is a historical treatment for sleeping problems.  Scientists believe that, the chemicals it contains help the brain ease into sleep mode. The human body uses sleep to recover and repair, while if there is nothing to recover from, your sleep cycle could suffer. Digesting a large meal can take a couple of hours  and can make it difficult to get off to sleep.
In particular, you are much more likely to be able to find an analogy after you have slept on a problem than you were before. How it affects each individual varies but studies have shown that even when consumed six hours before going to bed, sleep can be disrupted.
Stimulating the brain with bright screens confuses the mind and entering sleep can take longer. With regular meditation practice, over time it can help the mind to quieten down, allowing you to switch off quicker at bedtime.
And, since exercise helps you sleep, revamping your sleeping habits can be the start of a beneficial cycle. A completely empty stomach may interfere with your ability to sleep, just as much as a full one.
Try a body scan meditation before you go to sleep to help you relax and get out of your head.

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