Surely you’ve heard that it’s always important to get a good night’s sleep, but that’s especially true when you’re a Mommy-to-be. When you catch enough z’s, you can ward off or at least lessen some of the conditions that could otherwise make you uncomfortable and interfere with your sleep.
You may feel more aches and pains if you aren’t sleeping well, and you will tend to feel more sluggish and just overall grouchy. If you are already pregnant, then you are probably familiar with a few of these sleep-disturbing offenders. Of course, there is the frequent urge to urinate, which can increase as the baby gets bigger and puts more pressure on your bladder. While it works to prepare your body for childbirth, relaxin can “relax” your ligaments a bit too much, making them more prone to aches and injuries. If you have been having trouble sleeping while pregnant, don’t fret – there are several different options you can try in order to increase your chances at a better night’s sleep. For one thing, exercise is important because it can help you get a deeper sleep, should you be the type to wake up frequently throughout the night. A pillow between your legs can ease tensions in your lower back, and it can also make it easier for you to sleep on your side. One of the most difficult things that I’ve been trying to adjust to during pregnancy is sleep.
As I get further along, not only is the side-sleeping become an issue, but several other things start to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. It wasn't until I started using a sound machine with my girls that I noticed that they've slept better. As I've gotten further along, my trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night are getting more frequent. During my last pregnancy, I slept on the couch for four months because I thought that it was much more comfortable than my bed. Although I can't get there as much as I can, the days that I can go to the gym have helped me sleep better at night.
If you are in pregnancy state it’s better to sleep in day time, because pregnant women needs more rest and only night sleep is not enough while you are in pregnancy stat so it’s good idea to sleep a little in day time.

Always make sure before going to bed that you are sleeping in a very good and comfortable environment.
Getting your proper rest is not only beneficial to your growing baby, but it can also help to lessen the discomforts you might otherwise be prone to, should you not get your seven or eight hours. However, if you are still trying to get pregnant, it’s good to know what to expect so that you can be better prepared for when it finally does happen.
You may also find an increase in your heart rate, which happens when your heart is trying to pump more blood to the rest of your body, since a good deal of your blood supply is going right to your uterus. Because the digestion process slows down when you’re pregnant, heartburn and constipation are unfortunately more prominent and can get progressively worse as your growing uterus presses on your organs. Just don’t exercise vigorously within four hours of going to bed, else that may work in the opposite fashion and help keep you up all night. You can use pregnancy pillows to support your stomach and your back – sometimes simultaneously.
You can also use full-length body pillows, or u-shaped pillows, for all-over body comfort, or a pregnancy wedge, which is slid under the belly to take some of the strain off of your back as you sleep. The old “glass of warm milk” trick can be a big help, as can foods that are high in carbohydrates, like bread or crackers. Whether it’s the baby that is up and kicking my ribs, the constant urge to use the restroom, or even the achy muscles after a long day, sleep is hard to come by late in the pregnancy. So, I’m trying to do my best to get my rest, now, so that I can be prepared for the sleepless nights to come. When sleep got more and more uncomfortable throughout pregnancy, I decided to try the white noise machine in my room to cut out any noises that could potentially wake me up at night. It's hard to sleep with a full bladder and then get back to sleep once you use the restroom.
Although I haven't moved completely to the couch this time, if I am having a hard time sleeping I do move out there. Very initial Pregnancy trimester: During in the initial stage of the first pregnancy trimester you should try your best to sleep on your left side on the bed. Above and beyond getting relaxed in this place also helps to reduce abdomen acids to occur up.

It’s strongly suggested to sleep on your left aspect when you are in the 3rd trimester more ever this position helps to flow your blood to the foetus and womb. For example you should select a nice room with sot bed and also keep in mind the room temperature it will give you a healthy and comfortable sleep. Sticking to foods that are high in protein can also work to both keep your blood sugar level up and ward off such sleep disturbers as nightmares, hot flashes, and headaches.
I have never been a side-sleeper and the fact that I can’t sleep on my stomach makes for a very troublesome sleep. With this being my third child, I have found that there are certain things that help me sleep better during pregnancy. If I use the restroom right before I get into bed, and then don't have any fluids after, I find that it helps with the amount of times I get up in the middle of the night.
If my body consistently goes to bed at the same time every single night, then it will help prepare itself in the hours leading up to getting sleep. Sleeping style of women during pregnancy is commonly interrupted by visiting washroom again and again, the muscles or pregnant women cramps and the movements of her newborn child. While sleeping on the left position your blood circulation will increase and it will surly help smooth run of nutrients to your fetus. You can also get help from counsellor it will help you to stay away from tension and stress in your pregnant state.
Some nights are better than others, but by making sure I do these 10 things, I can rest assured that sleep will be a little bit more restful. Please follow the given sleeping Healthful tips for the batter sleep in your pregnancy period.

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