There is lots of conventional wisdom out there that says parents should teach their babies to sleep through noise, from day one.
During the newborn stage, your baby will spend lots of time in deep sleep and will likely sleep through just about anything.
Starting around 6 weeks, you may notice that your baby becomes more alert; he will start looking around and noticing his environment more.
Around 4 months, your baby’s sleep habits will change permanently, and he will start to cycle through light and deep sleep. Here are the facts (at least, in our experience with families): you cannot train a baby to sleep through noise. For more information about how white noise helps both you and your baby sleep, take a look at this article. You may not be able to train your baby to sleep through noise, but you can help your baby learn how to sleep well. Join over 200,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE! The only concern I have is that my son won’t be able to sleep on a quiet room as he gets older.
I have an air purifier that we use as a white noise through the night and even during nap times, it is really a life saver cause my daughter is a very light sleeper, the slightest sound wakes her up. We have used the CloudB Sleep Sheep On-the-Go with our son, also a light sleeper, since his earliest days. Mums if your babies dont sleep its not because they havent understood something and need to be taught, its because the worldly artificial system is completely out of step with nature (and babies needs) and on a collision course with them!! As a result I had little ones that drifted happily off to sleep while I sang or hummed a tune and smoothed their brow. When a sense of secirity and deep trust is present, babies soon come to know hoj are there for them and feel loved and safe and so.long as theres not some physical cause like sore tummy, ears etc then they sleep. I agree with Nicole that routine is important,and with the blackout curtains etc Im glad she is doing what she can to help mums acheive tear free sleeping. Glad to hear that you’re buying a package and are preparing to work on your baby’s sleep! This can mean that he starts to wake at noises (like the dog barking, or the phone ringing) – it is simply because he is becoming more attuned to his environment.

Some babies are likely hard-wired to be less affected by noise, but others may be more inclined to wake at even small sounds.
White noise is simply static noise (like the sound of a running vacuum cleaner, or a hair dryer) that helps to mask other background noise. Please be sure to pick up your FREE copy of 5 (tear-free) Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night, our e-Book with tear-free tips to help your baby sleep better.
Even as an infant, he always wanted to be in the center of activity, so noises while he was napping or sleeping always meant he was missing something! As a grandma (without dimentia!) I would like to share my views, insights and thoughts as they are a little different from what is coming through from most others. Did I carry my baby endlessly, no I never needed to, when they were tiny , I breastfed and burped them and cuddled then was able to tuck them into their bassinetts and they slept. If a noise woke them, I found if I wemt in to them soon enough and reassured them they were soon back asleep.
And when she does wake up, she calls Mum if she wants her, or hugs her teddy and goes back to sleep. She has had white noise playing while she sleeps since she was a newborn, and she is almost two now. While there are steps you can take to help minimize the affect that noise has on your baby’s sleep, you cannot teach your baby to sleep through it.
White noise machines are excellent tools to use during nap time and at night (I have one in every bedroom in my house!), but you do not have to buy an entire machine. For those persistent nighttime struggles, check out The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep (babies) or The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep (toddlers). They, like me, are most likely exhausted, emotionally drained, heartbroken and guilty, by seeing how their precious, much adored child is suffering through lack of sleep. As you point out, plenty of babies and toddlers who are deeply loved by their parents, and who live in secure and safe environments, struggle with sleep. I always find that when I sleep with my windows open, in the fall and spring, the railroad noise wakes me up for the first week or so. Using a unique approach and practical tools for success, our e-books help you and your baby sleep through the night and nap better. He now sleeps without it at night, when the house is mostly still and quiet, but we still use it at naptime to mask noise going on around the home.

When I have a long day of typing ahead of me (which, as the Baby Sleep Site staff writer, I often do!), I sometimes open the Simply Noise site and listen to their rain sounds. Whether you intended it or not, your post implies that a child who knows they are loved sleeps soundly. In fact, as Nicole points out, parents who are loving and attentive may unwittingly help create sleep associations and issues, since loving parents are quick to respond to their babies when they cry, and to do whatever it takes to soothe them. For those looking for a more customized solution for your unique situation with support along the way, please consider one-on-one baby and toddler sleep consultations, where you will receive a Personalized Sleep Plan™ you can feel good about! This can be a bit of a problem since, as most of you know, the 45 minute mark is when many babies begin to transition to deeper sleep. I accepted the fact I had baby and it was for me to stay in tune with what they needed from me and I gave them what they needed whether it ‘suited’ me or not if at all possible! And we don’t hear outside noises as loud either, like my husband cooking breakfast, flushing the toilet or starting his truck outside.
I find, like some others have said, that it really helps when we travel because she’s got that consistency. That said, sometimes the slightest noise can disturb his slumber – keys jingling, a door squeak, a dog barking down the road, even the sound of the shower from across the hall.
So thanks to Nicole and Emily and all the sleep consultants who make it their job to help families. Amazing how a person can get used to the sound of a train whistle blaring at 2 a.m., and sleep through it, but wake to small sounds like the door opening, or the floor creaking! Perceptive and bright since the second he was delivered, my son if very in tune with his surroundings; thus he has benefitted from having the Sleep Sheep to mask other less ambient noise.
Secondly, whether your intentions were honorable or not, suggesting to a devastated new mother that her child would sleep better if he felt more secure or more loved, is quite possibly the most insitive, cruel and condescending comment I have heard so far.
How lucky for you that your 4 children slept well, but i dont believe for a second that you love tour children anymore than the rest of us.
Furthermore, I personally know a family with 3 children, all raised and lived the same, where 2 slept well and 1 didn’t.

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