To learn how Adam has helped millions of people with heart valve disease, watch Adam's video, subscribe to his free newsletter, or visit his Facebook, Google+ or Twitter pages. I had one heart valve replaced with mechanical valve , I had aortic valve repaired, also I had huge blood clot removed. I had mitral valve repair on the 24th of August and I am experiencing the same problem, I cannot sleep. I end up taking a sleeping tablet but it does not always work as I am taking so much medication at the moment. If you try to use MP3 music or audiobooks to cover it up for a while, I suggest full over the ear headphones. Had Mitral Valve repair surgery nearly 4 weeks ago and doing fairly well, not sleeping that good but may have to cut out daytime naps. I had an aortic heart anuerysm Jan 18, 20012 and I have not experienced a good noghts sleep sense my surgery. I had a mechanical mitral valve replacement 10 days ago and have had heavy night sweats the last 2 nights. Lack of proper sleep leads to various health problems in women such as risk of developing heart diseases, depression, psychological problems and strokes.

If some young people are around me, they can hear this clicking too – even when I am not hearing it, hehe. Also when I wake up the sleeping tablet leaves me with a very bitter taste in my mouth which lasts for hours. I have a paralyzed left diaphgramas a result of the surgery which makes sleeping on my back impossible! But during the day I fall into deep sleeps so deep I hear nothing and people can’t wake me.
I continued to take my pain medication and found after about 1 month at home I began to have more regular sleeping patterns. It does not matter if i dont hear the end of the podcast, i can start it again the next night.
On the fourth night when medication started to wear of I began to have trouble sleeping, no matter how hard I tired I was I simply couldn’t go to sleep. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
I will add that after three nights of not sleeping I called the cardiac surgery department and they suggested he take Bendryl to help him fall asleep.

I have not been talking sleeping pills at home as I am to afraid to try my usual stomach sleeping. I did have some louder than normal sounding heartbeats for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery but they went away after things got a little more settled internally.
Senior ManagerIf you have (or are) a cranky boss, too little sleep could be part of the problem. Alternating between a day shift and a night shift is more problematic than switching between a day shift and an afternoon shift. When to Seek HelpIf you've had work-related sleep problems for at least one month -- and they have affected your family or work life -- a sleep specialist may help. An evaluation can find underlying causes including medical conditions, emotional problems, substance abuse, medications, or poor sleep habits. If a shift work sleep disorder exists, a doctor can determine whether prescription drugs are safe and appropriate, given your personal health history and the risks of side effects.

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