For as long as I can remember, since I was a child I was always skinny with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Asperger's symptoms. Later on in 2009, I randomly applied to a local job and was happy to be starting a new job. During my 2009 job, I became friends with a coworker and it was through her that I met my boyfriend. Both you and your boyfriend have snps that may indicate B12 deficiency in addition to the MTRR. I believe it would be a good idea to find out food sensitivities, and avoid fortified, enriched foods. You have a DAO mutation which may require a reasonable amount (not too much) of B6 (or P5P), vitamin C, and copper.

I just read that methylfolate is very helpful for MTHFR people and that it helps with anger and depression. That's so cool that you mentioned my mutation associated with Pernicious Anemia and that a relative of mine might have it. Analyzemygenes is designed to list your SNPs for which you have an allele which is present less than 1% of the time.
With the 5-MTHF I find I am detoxing better (skin more moist) and if I go over 1000mcg I get migraine that lasts the entire day (also when I took 2000mcg I had major migraine and random red bumps on my skin, and skin super moist).
Those higher levels of B 12 and methylfolate are probably important for both of you but it's very, very important to start slow and low.
Some people are fine with the addition of lemon juice, vinegars, and naturally fermented foods to the diet.

One of your parents may have the GIF gene snp, but it may not cause PA, but they could be low in intrinsic factor, then be low in B12. We have two children on each of those with doubles and that's not counting our son with schizophrenia, who insists that the B12 shots work better for him than the pills.
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