Mild and occasional teeth-grinding does not cause much harm, however for some people who suffer from chronic bruxism and have been grinding their teeth for years, it may lead to damage to their dental and jaw health. In some circumstances, teeth grinding and clenching can wear down tooth enamel, chip teeth, increase temperature sensitivity, and cause severe facial pain and jaw problems including TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders.
If stress and anxiety are the cause of your teeth grinding, the obvious solution would be to take away the stressors. When Mei started grinding her teeth again at night, I gave her extra sole and it soon stopped. Other excellent natural sources of salt-based multi-minerals include Quinton Water which is an isotonic ocean water solution, and Miracle Salt which is harvested from sea salt. If you are like me and my family who avoid dairy products or are on a casein-free diet, I also incorporate lots of calcium and mineral-rich foods in our meals because we know that milk is not the only source of calcium in our diet. Apart from increasing our mineral intake, I also use essential oils such as valerian, lavender, Roman chamomile and oil blends known to help with teeth grinding, anxiety and stress. If teeth grinding still persists even after increasing the minerals and taking measures to reduce stress, parasites could be an issue. Also effective are Kerri Rivera’s CD protocol which has really helped with parasites, candida and bacterial overgrowth for us.
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Thank you so much for sharing this article, I’m 19 years old and have been grinding my teeth for a long time. She had been grinding her teeth for several months, the dentist said that it was due to anxiety and stress, and suggested mouth-guards for her to wear while sleeping. Ikan bills is a type of Malaysian dried anchovy, which provides lots of calcium and tastes yummy. In certain countries, dairy is not a traditional part of their diet, thus they obtain their calcium needs from other foods, such as seaweed in Japan.
Especially if the grinding occurs during the full moon and comes with other symptoms commonly associated with parasites: anal itching, nightmares, mood swings, behavioural issues especially during full-moon periods, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and more. I also use the following essential oils – DiGize, Oregano, Thieves and Peppermint layered on the soles of the feet twice a day which helps with parasites as well as candida.
His mother had increased his minerals and treated him for parasites, yet the teeth grinding continued.

She explained that teeth grinding may also be a structural issue, that it could be caused by the occipital plates in the skull shifting. Teeth grinding and teeth clenching can contribute to orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD) which may affect speech in children and adults. Another friend also experienced teeth grinding, and she too had to wear a mouth-guard at night. She wasn’t quite sure which cell salt to choose from, so she chose Bioplasma instead, which is a combination of all 12 of the tissue salts.
My older daughter, Mei, used to grind her teeth at night so loudly that I could hear it from the other room! My dog ate my splint, and so i had to get another one made, which is quite costly…one year later (today) i made the same mistake and my dog snatched it, AGAIN! Chamomile is also a great homeopathic remedy, well-known for it’s use for children who are teething. When Mei was grinding her teeth again, my homeopath kindly made a batch of combination remedies made of several homeopathic remedies that are effective for worms.
All that moving around may cause the plates in the skull to shift and adjust, and possibly contribute to teeth grinding. Of course, this is an over-simplification of the extremely complex structure of the human skeletal system and its relation to toxic insult. It will not only protect your teeth from further damages while you sleep, it will also reduce the force reaching your teeth. This means that some organs are not getting enough calcium in the form they need it, which is as good as not getting any.
I was raising two daughters with autism at that time; if stress was really the only cause of teeth grinding, my teeth would be filed down to nubs.
Following her protocol, I saw a reduction in parasite symptoms including itchy bottom and wormy behaviour. The teeth grinding stopped temporarily, but came back again.
So in this instance, I use Mag Phos cell salt, which helps the body to utilise the existing magnesium in our body.
Stress, anxiety, mineral deficiency, parasites, teeth alignment and cranial structure can all contribute to teeth grinding. Treating it naturally will leave a positive impact on your health.

Even after doing all the other previously successful treatments, this time the teeth grinding stubbornly remained. Typically, nighttime grinding will cause no real harm to the child but can cause sleepless nights for the parent if they are co-sleeping or in the same room.
My fellow Thinking Mom and Team TMR co-author Shawty swears by meditation and adrenal support to manage her stress level and minimise her teeth grinding. The acidity would kill a cow if her body did not chemically buffer it, which uses up… calcium supply! If you hear a noise at night like two teeth rubbing together, that would be your biggest clue!
If the baby teeth look very worn or are flat on top, then the chances are good that you have a grinder. There could also be tenderness or tightness in the jaw after waking up from sleep.Some studies have noted that children with enlarged tonsils have disruptive sleep habits, wake frequently from sleep, and grind their teeth. If your child does grind their teeth significantly at night, have your pediatrician or pediatric dentist check their teeth for wear, and check their tonsils to see if they are enlarged.
Some people notice increased tooth grinding with gluten or dairy, or with increased stress from school, peers, or changing home situations. Next, alert your dentist at your next dental health visit to see if it is causing any real harm to the teeth.
Once the child has all of his or her permanent teeth (around age 12), a dentist can make a night guard for the child to use at nighttime so they grind the plastic instead of their teeth. Before all the permanent teeth erupt, short of providing some kind of stress reduction, or identifying triggers, the only treatment would be to provide the child with medication to stop the grinding. In almost all cases, this would not be recommended unless the child had other special needs and was grinding all of the time.

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