During your second trimester, there is a good chance your energy level will increase and you will start to feel more like your old self.  Many women take advantage of this time during the pregnancy to accomplish important tasks, as energy levels will likely decrease again in the third trimester.
Rest– Make sure you allow yourself to get extra bed rest during the times you feel fatigued. My carb cravings decreased in the second trimester and cheese, Mary’s Gone crackers and cold plain seltzer water (from a can) soon became my new favorite snack. Exercise: A lot of people might wag their finger at this, but I will admit that treadmill running felt really good for me during the first trimester. My biggest frustration during the second trimester was learning how to dress my growing body. The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of questions for most mothers-to-be, especially first-time moms. In an ideal situation, the first pre-natal visit should have occurred 2-3 months before conceiving. A bit of vaginal bleeding or spotting is not uncommon during first trimester, especially around usual period dates. The period of human pregnancy is divided into 3 parts or trimesters (each is roughly 3 months long). The extreme fatigue I was experiencing should have been my first clue, and I remember complaining to my mom every morning on my walk to work about how tiiiiiired I was.

I gained 7-8 pounds during the first trimester and about the same amount during the second.
I’ll post a third trimester recap in the coming weeks — our little lady will be here before you know it! Here is a detailed description of each trimester and the changes your body and the fetus go through. Although experience with fatigue tends to vary, most women will feel more tired than usual during their pregnancy. More than likely it will be less obvious, but unfortunately fatigue during pregnancy is still possible during the second trimester. But I thought I might regret not documenting my first pregnancy, so I decided that turning to the blog to get all my thoughts together would be a good idea — even if only 10 of you are reading! The fatigue and sleepiness that sets in during the first trimester is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. If nausea is your new worst enemy, keeping some food in your stomach can help during first trimester workouts. If you notice fatigue strikes in the afternoon or mid-morning, try to schedule your first trimester workouts around that time of day. Hydration is always important, so take sips frequently throughout your first trimester workouts and for the rest of the day.

A home pregnancy test shows a positive result only after you miss your first period (it tests the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine). Veggies weren’t as appealing during the first trimester, but I made a good effort to eat them daily and I was usually glad I did.
It seems counterintuitive that exercise will help fatigue, but getting out of the office or outside during your tired times can really energize you for the rest of the day. It tends to go away during the second trimester, but will usually return in the third trimester. Have no fear: Your energy will return magically during the second trimester and morning sickness should ease up, too.
I hate needles and for the first few months the injections left me in bruises because I just wasn’t quite getting the hang of doing it smoothly.

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