Make sure that your brain understands that these naps that last for 20 minutes include the time needed to fall asleep and to wake up too.
When you finally adapt your body and mind to this routine and you are prepared to fall asleep faster and when you really want to, you can ease the training – remove the alarm and wake up at any period of the morning. In case you find these instructions difficult, you will definitely have hard time to fall asleep fast. Even if you don’t fall asleep in that minute, it is proven to relax your body totally and lead to a stress-reduced sleep.

It will find out that spending too much time falling asleep means losing actual sleep which ultimately means feeling sleepy and exhausted during the day. Eventually your brain will acknowledge the fact that the only solution is to fall asleep faster and it will adjust the time needed to fall asleep (transition period) in order to get the rest it deserves. There are people who have 5-minute naps and they can really make a huge difference, but this is possible only if the individual learns how to fall asleep fast.
If your brain feels that you are not making any problems, it will take advantage of the situation and it won’t figure out why it is good to fall asleep faster.

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