Burping is almost always due to an accumulation of gas in the stomach, so it stands to reason that excessive burping must be tied to an excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach or a chronic gassy stomach condition. While there is a grain of truth to this, there are numerous reasons why we burp, and numerous causes of excessive burping. We Swallow Air For Various Reasons - There are times we swallow air even though we don't mean to, and when we do so, burping, and even excessive burping can result. Food Allergies - Causes of excessive burping usually come from something else than simply swallowing air, and are often the result of a disease or disorder affecting the stomach or intestines.
Diseases And Disorders Leading To Excessive Burping - There are several infections, diseases, or disorders than can bring on bouts of excessive burping. Burping can also be a symptom of gastroparesis, a temporary paralysis of the stomach muscles which delays the passage of food, and can result in an excessive build up of gases.
Summary - Excessive burping therefore can either be the result of a lifestyle habit or manifests itself as a symptom of a disease or disorder. Excessive burping refers to severe, bothersome burping that is said to affect around 7 percent people on a regular basis. Gas, produced in the body, is dispelled in two ways – either through the mouth or the anus.  Burping is the act of releasing gas through the mouth. It is a state of having excessive stomach or intestinal gas and can cause expulsion through the rectum in form of a mixture of gases.

It is a condition where a person swallows too much air, which goes into the stomach and leads to intermittent burping. Constant belching may also arise due to this syndrome which is characterized by acute abdominal pain, uneasiness, burping and changes in bowel habits.
Formation of excessive gas inside the stomach may also occur due to the use of various prescription and non-prescription medications, such as antacids, aspirin and narcotic pain drugs. In some instances, like acid reflux disease, medication in the form of an antacid effectively treats the symptom, which is this case is burping, but does not cure the underlying disease. Many people are found to be extremely sensitive to certain foods which may lead to excessive burping. Stress and anxiety can also increase the chances of developing burping as well as increase the heart rate for a short-term.
If other issues such as abdominal pain accompany burping, patients must visit a doctor for a thorough examination. Burping, or belching is usually an involuntary activity, although by purposefully swallowing small gulps of air we can force ourselves to burp, a talent some are very proud of. Irritated bowel syndrome and acid reflux disease are two other disorders in which excessive burping may be one of the symptoms.
This ultimately leads to excess consumption of air and causes burping along with abdominal pain.

However, it may have a negative impact on the functioning of the digestive system and lead to severe burping.
Any form of disease of the gallbladder may lead to a host of symptoms like vomiting, nausea, heartburn and burping. Assessment of eating habits and overall health can help in determining the cause of frequent burping.
Mostly, a burp is a tiny bit embarrassing in certain situations, and excessive burping can be very embarrassing indeed. An excess of carbon dioxide, like an excess of any other gas in the stomach can result in excessive burping.
Burping releases excessive air from the stomach which is often swallowed along with food and other fluids. When we experience anxiety or become very excited we sometimes hyperventilate, which can lead to a burp, although hyperventilation is seldom is a cause of excessive burping.

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