The entire staff was nice, from the phone call making the appointment to the treatment in the office!"- Kim D. While snoring can be loud and disruptive to loved ones, it is important to remember that it may signal a life threatening disorder, such as sleep apnea.
Both snoring and sleep apnea prevent you from getting the sleep you need to be energetic, productive, and an overall happy person. Luckily, snoring and sleep apnea are related medical problems that our ENT doctors in Arlington, Dallas annd Fort Worth, commonly treat.It is extremely important to distinguish between snoring and sleep apnea, as their treatment plan and level of urgency are quite different.

You should contact your ENT doctor in Texas if you suffer from chronic snoring, as it may be a sign of sleep apnea and could possibly mean decreased levels of oxygen during sleep and decreased REM sleep. Lack of sleep and oxygen can result in mood swings, poor concentration and energy, and a higher risk of developing cardiac and pulmonary disease.If you don’t not seek treatment, you may also be at an elevated risk for strokes, heart attacks, and cardiac rhythm abnormalities. We have 3 offices located in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, and serve patients throughout North Texas.
Our experienced and compassionate doctors and practitioners can help with any ear, nose, or throat condition you may have.

From allergy treatment, to hearing aids, sinus surgery, thyroid conditions, and much more, our team of caring ENT doctors is here to help you and your family.

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