For those without any sleep or breathing problems this doesn’t create any extra concern whatsoever.
If usual breathing is disrupted then there is very little if indeed any air flowing through that can bring about the necessary pressure on the airway muscles to keep everything running smoothly.
Some people who suffer from sleep apnea awake with a choke, a gasp or a snort as they try to force breathe into their lungs.
The oxygen levels rise again to their normal place once the cycle of regular breathing commences and then the person falls back to sleep, and into the rapid eye movement (REM) deeper stage of sleep. Research into this cycle shows that it brings about disrupted sleep over a consistent period as the body needs in particular an adequate amount of REM sleep per night in order for a person to feel rested and energized the following day.

This cycle causes the brain to not get the required rest as well as it continuously needs to awaken the sleeping individual to alert him or her to the breathing problem at hand. While adjusting in the fall is easier than in spring because we gain an hour of sleep for the fall time change, you might not actually be getting that extra hour of sleep. However for those who suffer from sleep apnea a dangerous turn of events can be put into play. However this causes the cycle of the muscles in the airways to collapse and become obstructed again thereby perpetuating the cycle. If you are one of them, don’t ignore the products that can cause long-term problems to your mind and body.

In fact most of us are trying to adjust to the darker days and brighter mornings leading to sleep cycle madness.

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