Compliance Reporting: Many of the older models did not offer a full compliance reporting ( a download option to show use and effectiveness) however with an overwhelming number of transportation professionals mandated to undergo sleep apnea evaluations and proof of therapy outcomes, compliance reporting is becoming a standard feature of CPAP machines.
So I guess from a marketing standpoint the best thing to say here would be advising you to be careful when using CPAP on a regular basis, those who do so may experience a healthy night’s sleep, frequently resulting in an increase in energy,  better mood, weight loss, lower blood pressure, etc , etc.
From a therapy standpoint there may not be much clinical difference to warrant spending more on a CPAP unless you are looking for every option to be included.

It stated something along the lines that some people experience too much rapid weight loss and if that occurs with you should discontinue use. This really opened his eyes to the way CPAP machines are marketed.  Huge marketing dollars by manufacturers with deep pockets can lead you to believe they offer a superior product however when tested in a practical situations, positive airway pressure devices from a therapy standpoint show little difference.

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