The unique elastic banding of the cpap pillow takes weight of the tubes from the mask, as it allows the user to change sleeping positions with comfort.
The CPAP Pillow is a revolutionary new, viscoelastic memory foam sleep apnea pillow designed especially for CPAP users.
The Pillow’s unique feature is the elastic banding, which removes tube pressure from the mask, while allowing the tubing to move freely with the patient when changing sleep positions.
The orthopedic designed sleep apnea pillow shape provides proper neck support for sleep apnea sufferers, whether the patient is sleeping on their side or on their back.

Provides correct neck support, for sleep apnea pillow users whether the patient is sleeping on their side or back. Sleep movement can become restricted and it’s tough to stay in position all night long. The sleep apnea pillow is a new, patented design which allows the CPAP patient to sleep on their side while making room for the shoulder and the mask.
Detailed precision involved in the design functions to allow the CPAP user to sleep in confidence as well as comfort.

The contoured front slope permits extra neck support, regardless of side or back sleeping postures.

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