The risky nature of sleep apnea side effects prompted research into foolproof ways to stop the apnea and save as many lives as possible.
The continuous positive airway pressure machine opens up the airway as you sleep through a flow of pressurized air into the throat. If you experience these CPAP side effects, speak with your sleep doctor, DME provider and your respiratory therapist. Getting air in your stomach (aerophagia) can be another uncomfortable and sometimes painful CPAP side effect. Treating GERD or using a BiPAP machine instead of CPAP can be helpful to eliminate aerophagia. Make sure you are not leaking through your mouth, because if excess air gets into your mouth, there is a tendency to swallow it. I have been using the cpap machine for a while and it has been drying out my mouth and throat.

I have been told by a friend that people can get addicted to the CPAP and have to use oxygen all the time and to avoid the CPAP at all costs. I have the RESPIRONICS REMstarPlus M series CPAP machine and wear the full face mask by ResMed. I have used a CPAP for 6 years now and in the last 6 months I have had 2 different nose sores. I've been on the cpap for a month i still get bags under my eyes and till sleepy in the moning. When the tongue is in this placement, it helps keeping the CPAP air inside the upper airway and preventing to swallow the air.
But if the noise is a problem for your bed partner, then you can use an extra length of tubing to move the CPAP machine further away from the bed.Another solution for your partner is to use earplugs which in this day are quite comfortable. Though the device is effective in reducing apnea, many patients find it very uncomfortable and barely use it for the recommended duration.

If you are tired of interrupted sleep and episodes of breathlessness, buy a sleep apnea mouth guard; the best protection against nasty effects of sleep apnea.
This innovation wards of the sleep apnea machine side effects to add more value to your days. Many people only learn that they suffer from this condition when others start to notice and they also complain of side effects of sleep apnea. It's also helpful if you have a weird shape nose that doesn't work with other CPAP masks.The Sleep Weaver is also the easiest mask to keep clean and you don't have to take it apart and reassemble. It is the silent manifestation of sleep apnea that makes it so dangerous and nobody ever wants to suffer the wrath of sleep apnea side effects at any point in life.

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