CB: The SoClean is an automated CPAP equipment cleaner and sanitizer that allows a CPAP user to sanitize and disinfect their mask, headgear, hose and reservoir every day, without taking any pieces apart.
RB: To profitably navigate the insurance arena, less expensive equipment will have to be offered, which is not always suitable for the patients and their needs. AG: 3B Medical is dedicated to providing quality sleep apnea therapy equipment at affordable prices. Our products include entry-level CPAPs and more advanced sleep therapy solutions, and our mask portfolio provides solutions that streamline inventory for providers and promote long-term use by patients.

The machine does not require water or chemicals, and the equipment remains completely dry during the sanitizing process.
We project that it will become increasingly important for DMEs to make sure that patients are compliant with their CPAP equipment, and an important factor to daily use is having clean equipment.
It's the world's first and only automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, and not only does this keep us competitive, but it also brings value to our resellers. Therefore, I believe we will see a strong movement toward cash purchases by people who want to stay with the equipment they favor.

Just pop the mask into the chamber and close the lid—the SoClean then pumps activated oxygen through and around the CPAP water reservoir, tubing, mask and headgear. Our company is the only complete solution to maximize the recurring revenue stream available to an HME with their CPAP base.

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