It is normal for urine to reduce in amount at night and it also becomes much more concentrated. The people who suffer from nocturia which is also classed as excessive urination at night time have to wake up to urinate at night.
Disorders such as sleep apnea and other associated sleep disorders can also cause excessive urination at night.
The amount of time you have to get out of bed throughout the night to urinate is causing concern.
Extreme and excessive urination has continued for several days and there has been no increase in the fluid intake and you are not taking any of the medicines which can cause this. The treatment you will be given is dependent on what the actual cause of excessive urination is. Commonly found in women, frequent urination is a problem that can affect their daily activities.

Urine color or the frequency of urination is something which is not paid attention to by most. The occurrence of frequent urination and constipation could be associated to multiple diseases occurring at the same time, or they might also be the result of a single medical condition. A common problem that occurs in kids, pollakiuria results into increase in frequency of urination.
Nocturia, which is a condition characterized by excessive urination at night, can be treated with the help of drug therapy. Excessive thirst and urination can be two of the prominent symptoms of diabetes, along with several other medical complications as well. Always waking up through the night causes many of these people to have a disturbed sleep pattern. If the excess urination occurs at night is because of diuretic medicines you may be advised to take this medication earlier on in the evening.

Frequent urination is not always a serious problem but there are several factors that can be responsible for this condition.
Scroll down to find out what causes increased urination in pregnant women and how to cope with increased urination. Read on to know more about frequent urination in men, women, and children, and its causes and treatments.

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