It’s never easy when your child is having health problems of any kind, but chronic sleep problems in children can be overwhelming, especially since these sleep issues can affect more than just bedtime. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for the formation of children’s bodies and minds as they grow, and not getting the recommended hours of sleep per night can be detrimental to a child’s development.
Some parents may think that their young child’s sleep problems will fade once they grow a little older, however, about one quarter of children who are school age have chronic sleep troubles. They can become angry or aggressive, tired and cranky, have trouble focusing, and even exhibit signs of ADHD – all due to a lack of sleep.

The activity levels a child has during the day can greatly affect how they sleep at night, and not getting enough physical activity can lead to sleep problems.
If your child goes to sleep just fine, but tends to be groggy before dinner or is consistently tired at school, then they may be waking in the middle of the night.
Try having them write down their fears before going to sleep and talking with you about any fears they may still have in the morning. By paying attention to your child’s needs, exercise, diet, and fears you can work through their sleep problems together.

These issues can also lead to problems with school because it is difficult for them to concentrate and remember facts when they are not getting the amount of sleep that they need.

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