Just about any parent will affirm that almost every child has sleeping issues at one time or another. Many of the signs of sleep apnea in children revolve around the fact that sleep apnea results in poor quality sleep. If you watch your child while sleeping, you may see irregular breathing, snoring, snorting or gasping, or heavy perspiration. Facing surgery for your child or the intimidating C-PAP machine may seem scary, but the reality is that for most children, the surgery is a simple outpatient procedure; nothing to worry too much about. So if your child has sleep apnea, you may see irritability during the day, excessive sleepiness, difficulty with learning and concentration, and personality changes.
You may also notice that your child has night terrors or nightmares, bedwetting problems, or sleeping with the mouth open.

This quiz will help you figure out if you need to be worried about sleep apnea for your child. If you suspect that sleep apnea may be a possibility, set up an appointment with your pediatrician or with a sleep specialist who can point you in the right direction. The type of treatment recommended will be based on any number of things including the age of your child and the cause of the apnea. If sleep apnea is the cause, you should definitely seek the help of a doctor so that the apnea can be treated.
But there are some sleep issues that can be a little more serious, and sleep apnea in children is one of those that need to be taken seriously.
Some children simply need surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids, and this will completely cure the sleep apnea.

Your child may also display hyperactivity, have headaches during the day, or complain about poor sleep. And still other children will need to use a C-PAP machine to help them breathe properly at night.

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