There are many different ways people choose to sleep, not all of them are bad, but there are ways to improve whatever position it is you prefer. The spine is broken down into several different components: the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine. Do double up a flat pillow, and put it in the case folded so that it stays in this shape and you don’t have to struggle with your pillow at night. The Sleep Apnea Pillow for CPAP Users- Mini Version is a unique smaller triangular shape pillow which creasts a distinct edge that will not collapse, allowing a CPAP Mask to comfortably hang over the side of the pillow. It is estimated that 20 million to 30 million people suffer with sleep apnea but often times it goes undiagnosed. Doctors and Health Professionals: Visit the Chiropractic Warehouse for bulk discounts on pain relief products.
Get cheap cervical pillow sleep apnea online from China cervical pillow sleep apnea wholesalers. By modifying the position you already sleep most comfortably, you can rest easy knowing that your body is resting peacefully as well. Your pillow should rest comfortably taking up the space between your shoulder, neck, head and the bed. To keep your lower back happy, place a pillow between your knees, aiming to keep your knees about hip distance apart and slightly bent. Use a very flat pillow in this position with your head near the edge so that your neck can avoid being in severe rotation. We always trying to help you get the best product that you need for your pain and discomfort. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation with work productivity taking a hit from yawning employees that can’t stay alert, make good decisions, focus on tasks or even manage a friendly mood at the office.

Depending on the position you sleep in, the height and density of your pillow will differ for the most comfort. When your pillow is the right size, your head should rest comfortably allowing your neck muscles to fully relax. The best would be to have a pillow that supported your ankles as well to keep neutral rotation of the hips in sidelying. This is very hard for your neck and puts extension forces all the way through your lumbar spine. Try not to use a pillow that is too fluffy or raises your head too high unless you are experiencing symptoms of snoring or sinus blockage. Supported bent knees helps decrease the amount of extension forces on your low back and keeps your lumbar spine in neutral. Often times, CPAP users complain of pressure point soreness and mask leaks from using a regular pillow.
Sleep apnea is a common disorder where one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths occurs during sleep. A good night sleep can work wonders to solve those problems and can even improve your metabolism (see the working man’s weight loss tips).
Poor pillow support can also cause narrowing of the air pipe, resulting in obstructed breathing, and sometimes snoring, which can hinder sleep. During sleep, your spine should maintain a neutral position to allow the intervertebral discs the opportunity to re-hydrate and decompress. No matter what position you lie in, the pillow should be under your head, but not your shoulders, and should be a thickness that allows your head to be in a normal position. Your cervical spine will thank you if there is no rotation or lateral shearing happening in your neck from having a pillow that is too flat or too fluffy.

Instead, try a partial prone position with a pillow supporting your upper shoulder and your upper hip and knee. If you tend to switch positions throughout the night from sleeping on your back to on your side, leaving a medium sized towel rolled up across the middle of your bed may be helpful so that there is support under your waist when you are on your side, and support under your low back when you are on your back. The special design of this pillow prevents the CPAP mask from being forced into the side of the face. When this happens a person can move out of deep sleep into light sleep, disrupting sleep quality.
It is durable enough to support the head and neck without losing its shape, yet soft enough for a comfortable nights sleep. It occurs when a patient's airway becomes blocked during the sleep stage by relaxed throat muscles, excess weight, large tongue or tonsils, or a very small throat. This pillow also works well for oral or dental appliances, patients with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, or during pregnancy. Patients with sleep apnea often report symptoms such as chronic headaches drowsiness memory lapses dysfunction during daily activities because of poor sleep at nightThere is no known cure for sleep apnea, but it is highly treatable with CPAP. Same goes for sleeping aids, hot and cold therapy products, neck traction units, and even positioning products.
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