Dehydration, which can be caused by excessive drinking, can lead to headaches and night sweats. Stress or anxiety disorders are linked to night sweats and insomnia, which means that most people may be vulnerable at some point in their lives to developing these symptoms. I'm going through menopause and night sweats and sleepless nights have become the norm for me lately. I find if I sweat during the night that I go back to sleep much faster if I drink a bottle of water first.

It happens in the winter because I tend to pile on the blankets at the beginning of the night and then fall asleep as soon as I warm up. Physical illness such as a cold can also cause night sweats and insomnia. I had a cold last week and the nights were horrible for me. But I never remember to take off the top blanket, so I always end up sweltering under it in the middle of the night.
In other instances, things like stress and anxiety disorders, pregnancy or menopause, infections, hormonal imbalances, sleep apnea, or medications are most commonly associated with concurrent emergence of these two conditions.

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