Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment 2013 - There are several different types of kidney disease will trigger the pain of fatigue different programs available for treating kidney diseases.
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Irregular sleep wake timing results in to insufficient sleep during night, which is as said earlier is one of the main causes of sleepiness during daytime.
There are various types of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and insomnia, which all can cause sleepiness. Restless leg syndrome: Restless leg syndrome is caused when a person may experience unpleasant sensations in the legs which can lead to crawling, pulling, itching, tingling and pain.

Some prescribed medications such as high blood pressure, asthma medication, rheumatoid arthritis and some heart medication, are also the most common causes of sleepiness.
This disorder will occur based upon many factors such as sleep disorders, certain medicines, substance abuse, chronic pain, and altered sleep-wake cycles. The human sleep-wake cycle is made to prepare the body and mind for sleep at night and wakefulness during the day. People who have narcolepsy may experience excessive sleepiness during the daytime, even after you sleep enough at night.
These feelings often occur in the evening, it makes difficult for people to fall asleep and sleepiness during the day.
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