Before starting a discussion on the causes and mechanics of Sleeplessness and Insomnia it is important to state that the human body can be trained by routine. If television commercials can be taken as an indicator, it would seem that insomnia and sleeplessness have become an epidemic. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders in general and most use an over the counter pharmaceutical product to help themselves.
Many people who have been operated on have been anesthetized which is a sort of numbing of the body that definitely appears to have the properties of sleep.
If someone is not sleeping it would seem that their nervous system due to its not being rested becomes debilitated and consequently weakened. Traditional Herbal Theory uses a very different paradigm to approach the problem sleep, sleeplessness and insomnia. 1) not being able to fall asleep and2) awakening; once after having already fallen asleep and then not being able to get back to sleep. The Liver as it is well known is the main filter of the body and controls the economy of blood in circulation. This being the case, rather than a natural sleeping or nerve remedy, a good natural liver remedy will usually be more helpful for some people. This second reason also has very simple causes that directly effect the nerves and their normal strength and tension.
The effect of this depletion is a loss of energy, which the entire body and all of its organs need in order to properly function.
The body’s own toxicity is also dehydrating (from Liver functions) so water and good quality (red grape) fruit juices are helpful. The main organ in charge of harvesting and converting the energy for the body is the Stomach with its immediate satellites, the Spleen and Pancreas. It should also be remembered that a regular and habitual sleeping and awakening routine gets the body into a state that is more receptive for sleep and awakening at a regular hour.

Many people who live a very long and healthy life often do not sleep more than 5 – 7 hours a night. A daily routine of going to bed and awakening at a constant interval creates a cycle that the body will itself find necessary. Many will watch it transfixed into the early hours disrupting a normal and natural sleep pattern.
Apart from apparent daily worries, which will be addressed later, according to Traditional Herbal Theory the main organ that controls sleep is the Liver. In other words, it cleans the blood of its solid wastes produced by the body and from eating. While in this state a person consumes their energies faster than they can replenish them, depleting their body and especially their nervous system. The organ’s ability to produce what the body needs to sustain its finer parts diminish, depleting the finer functions like thinking, and the ability to relax first.
The net result is that the nerves are underfed of their specific food and as a result loose their proper tension. The rationale being that the circulation of blood through the body and its organs is impeded when the body is laying horizontal due to the bodies own weight pressing onto its organs. This is the best way of assuring a good nights sleep assuming of course that the body is healthy and that there are no extenuating circumstances. It draws the bodies blood into itself for cleaning when the body is inactive, as is normally the case when asleep and, then releases it back to the body in larger amounts when the body is more active.
This results in the nerves and their ability to keep the body’s blood clean to be diminished to the extent that toxins remain in circulation in the blood stream which has a narcoticising effect. One of the best remedies sleeplessness cause by these organs is the tincture of wild oats (The Gaia Brand seems to work best). But, if one accepts that insomnia is due to a depletion rather than a direct over stimulation the calming yet energizing effect makes sense and permits normal sleep.

Clearly a digestive aid would serve their purpose better than a nerve strengthener or a  sleeping aid. Also, as a general rule, every hour of sleep had before midnight is like two hours after midnight. There is no remedy for these two culprits in sleeplessness and insomnia other than turning them off! This latter activity is responsible for why some people, even relatively young people and especially women, feel hot and cold without apparent reason. The heavy emotional burdens that are part of today’s life produce the stress and the stress affects the body and our finer being and it’s senses.
But, it is during the night, when the body is the least active, that the Liver is at its most active that it can produce sleeplessness. The Spleen is of special interest as it is the starting point of blood production and the harvesting of food for the nerves. Sleeping during the day is actually not very beneficial unless someone is in need of convalescence. When addicted to these habits and one tries to go back to a more normal sleep habit by trying to go to bed earlier, one will find that they will not fall asleep. Should the onset of sleeplessness be due to stress and the subsequent depletion of the spleen, a good spleen formula might be helpful. It can take between 20-30 days of going to bed and awaking at a consistent time before the body reestablishes its sleep rhythm again.

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