When people are looking for a health treatment, they surely include treatment cost into their consideration. If you are looking for a custom mouth guard, you actually can always choose Night Guard from Pro Teeth Guard.
Even though the price is a half of the price of dentist’s mouth guard, the quality is not compromised. This mouth guard is highly recommended because it enables you to get dentist’s quality mouth guard at a half price. However, because this mouth guard is too big, bulky and could make bruxism even worse, many people do not choose it. As a matter of fact, this custom mouthguard priceis 50% cheaper than mouth guard that you buy from your dentist.

As before people buy Bruxism mouth guard, they surely want to know whether this treatment is affordable.
Then, an over the counter night guard may cost $15-$25, but again most people find it uncomfortable and could make it worse. If you usually spend $200 for a dentist’s mouth guard, you can get Night Guard from Pro Teeth Guard only for $100.
One thing that needs your concern about this product is the possibility of receiving a mouth guard that does not perfectly fit your mouth. Even though these people have known that mouth guard can help preventing Bruxism, they are still wondering whether it is affordable. There are several products to choose including heavy grinding, moderate grinding, light grinding and daytime grinding in which each product cost less than $200.

This is possible because you buy the product online in which this means that the manufacturer will customise their mouth guard only based on your dental impression. However, because there is 110% money back guarantee policy, you actually do not need to worry.

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