Recently a study came out of Brazil showing that a few simple tongue exercises can reduce your sleep apnea symptoms. For most people with sleep apnea the tissues situated within the upper throat relax and collapse together while the person is sleeping, blocking the air’s passage temporarily.
By adopting the above exercises into your daily routine you could significantly reduce the amount of sleep apnea symptoms. If you suspect you might have sleep apnea, been diagnosed or would like to find out how you can avoid the high risk of developing other conditions, contact one of our medical concierges today at 1-855-863-4537 to schedule a consultation. Make Sleep a Priority in 2016Dec 30, 2015You say you want to bring in the New Year with a positive life change that will benefit you and your health.
About UsSleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America was founded for the sole purpose of providing superior sleep solutions for our patients to improve their overall quality of life. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of each patient’s sleep disorder and individual medical needs in order to provide the best care and treatment solutions available to effectively treat their sleep condition. What We DoWe offer a unique and comprehensive form of sleep apnea treatment that effectively seeks to cure sleep apnea over the course of an average of 6 treatments. Having the ability to significantly impact our patients’ lives for the better through improved sleep and minimizing health risks is something that we take great pride in.
If you’re reading this website, you’ve probably tried every sleep apnea treatment under the sun…but your sleep apnea is as bad as ever.
Despite trying all sorts of treatments, you still have sleep apnea – and it’s making your health worse by the week. The fact is, there ARE sleep apnea treatments that don’t involve putting equipment on your face, going under the knife, or other drastic measures. And that’s not to mention the biggest drawback of CPAP: you’re sleeping with a mask, tube, and other equipment attached to your body! I no longer have to endure the dreaded CPAP mask, and can now sleep as a normal human being.
Since starting Apnea Treatment Guide in 2008, I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching apnea treatments that DON’T involve CPAP. That’s led me to discover many fascinating treatments that are proven to help cure sleep apnea.
The vast majority of people with sleep apnea suffer from what’s called “obstructive sleep apnea”, or OSA (a small percentage of people have “central sleep apnea”. When obstructive sleep apnea occurs, the tissues in your upper throat relax and collapse together while you’re sleeping. So the key to conquering obstructive sleep apnea (and snoring) is to have STRONG muscles to keep your throat open while you sleep – muscles in your throat, tongue and soft palate. As I said, the main reason people do exercises for obstructive sleep apnea is to build and strengthen the muscles located around their airway.
By doing these exercises, the airway is a lot less likely to completely collapse and become blocked off during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea exercises are all connected with the face, throat, mouth, nose and neck region of the body.
Here’s an example of an exercise that has been proven to significantly reduce sleep apnea: it’s called “soft palate blowing”. It’s a little-known fact that since 2007, there have been a number of scientific studies carried out on orofacial exercises (also called “oropharyngeal exercises”), to determine if these exercises are truly effective. These studies have been carried out in the sleep laboratories of universities, and speech pathology clinics around the world. Conclusion: the study concluded that oropharyngeal exercises can significantly reduce obstructive sleep apnea severity and symptoms, and showed oropharyngeal exercises as a very promising treatment for those with moderate obstructive sleep apnea. To read more about this study, please click this link: Effects of Oropharyngeal Exercises on Patients with Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

Conclusion: in his findings, the lead speech language pathologist says, “The results speak for themselves. Here’s another great thing about these exercises: they also cure (or significantly reduce) snoring. In the case of sleep apnea, the flabby throat tissue causes the airway to close when you’re asleep. In the case of snoring, the flabby throat tissue vibrates while you’re asleep (especially if you breathe through your mouth while sleeping).
As I mentioned, these exercises will not cure central sleep apnea (because central sleep apnea is a neurological disorder, which cannot be solved through exercises of the mouth, tongue, and throat).
But these exercises have been proven to work on a range of people with obstructive sleep apnea (and problems snoring).
Here’s the great news: many of the exercises in my program take less than 1 minute to do the repetitions. Good morning Marc, This morning I woke up with a clear head and you know what, I have to thank you for that!!!! Thanks Marc, I sure am finding the exercises valuable, as I have just recently been diagnosed with sleep apnoea your exercises seem to be improving the way I feel! I am doing the exercises (albiet inconsistently) and seeing results. Thank you for what you do!
It did not take long, after doing the exercises you recommend, to strengthen my throat muscles, jaw, palate and to see results. However, after reading your materials educating me on what OSA is, what its causes are, and what can be done about it, I sleep much better at night (pun intended). Desperate to be rid of the CPAP machine I went via my GP to a speech language pathologist and enquired about the exercises. Personally I wouldn’t stop them completely for fear of my obstructive sleep apnea returning to the same level that it was prior to the exercises. I do still have the odd bad night and when that happens I simply up the routine for the following few days.
So as you can see, how long you continue to do the exercises will depend on how quickly your orofacial exercises are strengthened and your personal preferences. In the program you’ll be given a range of exercises that you can mix and match based on your preferences. But with the comprehensive range of exercises I’ve put together in my program, you’ll have a good variety of choices. As a working mother with two children 14 years apart, it was difficult to cope with sleep apnea since I had to be vigilant at night – when they are most at risk and go to work the following day.
Needless to say all three of us lacked the energy; my eldest daughter had difficulty in concentrating in school while lack of sleep made it almost impossible for me to keep my temper in check. The exercises are similar to those my children were taught with a twist – they are better because there are inputs from not just one speech pathologist but many consultants.
My youngest daughter who has Down’s syndrome responded very well to the new exercises I found in the book. I’ve had a week to try out the exercises and she has been sleeping more quietly these last two nights – and I’ve been waking up chirpier.
I am sure that if you follow the exercises religiously and follow the other suggestions in the e-book your own condition (or that of your loved one) will improve. She honestly thought I was going to pass away in my sleep and hated the CPAP machine as much as I did. My snoring has all but stopped now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my wife and I now share the same bed once again. My advice to anyone, young or old, no matter how long you’ve been a sufferer for, go along to your GP and enquire about seeing a speech language pathologist.

The oropharyngeal exercises are such a natural ‘treatment’ compared to the CPAP mask, they are well worth the effort. A STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO PROGRAM AND MANUAL THAT WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO THE EXERCISES!
One of the biggest obstacles to completing an exercise program successfully is knowing exactly how to do the exercises.
That’s why the Sleep Apnea Exercises Program comes not only with a 52-page manual (with step-by-step instructions, and illustrations of the exercises) – it also includes 18 online videos where you’re shown exactly how to do the exercises.
Participants in the study showed a 39% lessening in sleep apnea symptoms over the control group.
The main purpose of the exercises is to build and strengthen the muscles located around the airway. As always, consult a physician for the correct diagnosis and best treatment options for your anatomy. One of the most beneficial resolutions to your overall health is changing your sleep habits. Please take a look at what our patients are saying and view some of our Sleep Apnea success stories. They aren’t trained in medical school on the range of sleep apnea treatments available today. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea last December, and endured six weeks of CPAP treatment that provided no relief.
The general concept is to strengthen, exercise and train certain muscles, making the airway easier to access during the night while sleeping. Well, your soft palate and uvula (the dangly bit at the back of your throat) are elevated during the exhalation, which exercises and strengthens the muscles. In fact, when you’re just starting out I recommend that you do 8 different exercises (you don’t have to do all of the exercises in my program.
So far I have done occasionally some of the 4 basic exercises, and they seem to work for me. Once the exercises are part of your daily routine the airway is a lot less likely to completely collapse and become blocked off during sleep. Once you see improvement in your sleep apnea, you can choose to reduce the amount of time spent exercising. Been doing them for 10 days and already I can tell a difference, as I feel more and more refreshed each morning. Weight-bearing action to losing your abdomen protrudes excess body from their loved ones reducing visits to the side of the specifically the treatment is often for treating menopause stage can make yourself in your neck to assisted breathing in commonly heavier.
You should consult your doctor if you have a health or medical concern, or before changing your exercise regimen or diet.This website may contain links to websites concerning information about astrology, horoscopes, palmistry, numerology, feng shui, psychic information or other unexplained or supernatural phenomena. Always consult a physician for the correct diagnosis and best treatment options for your anatomy.
According to the sleep apnea report my involvement is mild so I hope the exercises will help me avoid CPAP or an oral appliance and the attendant costs as I am retired on a limited income! If you find that is why one can locate various best otolaryngological muscles that contributes to replace meals with the management.
To the extent (if any) information about such matters is provided on this website, it is provided for entertainment purposes only. Gout is a complex form of arthritis that causes the body to make an excess of uric acid causing pain at the base of the joints.

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