Planned naps at home or work will improve your mood, enhance your performance, and increase your sex drive. In fact, besides 0-5’s, who typically sleep after lunch to recharge as part of their daily nursery routine, there have been a number of famous adults who’ve benefited from napping too! In response to the increased productivity and improvement to morale that napping provides, corporate giants like Nike, Time Warner, and Newsweek, all provide quiet rooms where workers can rest undisturbed for short periods. Going a step further, Internet mogul Google, has sleep pods around its Mountain View complex where workers can experience restful napping haven. If you have any sense of guilt associated with the idea of sleeping during your busy working day, knowing that some of the worlds leading companies endorse daytime naps, should help. In view of this, here are three reasons to make napping part of your daily routine and how they will improve your life. Research conducted by NASA on one thousand volunteers; found that 30 minute naps increased cognition functioning by up to 40%, and that those who worked without rest gained lower scores in intelligence tests. Similarly, tests carried out on strategic napping among air traffic controllers in New Zealand, showed improved alertness and performance in those who had scheduled 40 minute naps.

Whether comfortable with the idea of napping at work or not, evidence shows that the advantages of a short snooze in your schedule, far outweigh the costs of increased errors resulting from lack of focus and fatigue.
If you choose to use napping as a tool in your everyday energy arsenal, then you’re in fantastic company. We all know that a nap is an instant remedy for us when we are tired, but they offer us so much more than simply satisfying a need for sleep. The benefits of napping regularly have been shown to relax the body and the mind, leading to better moods, increased concentration and alertness, better productivity and memory. There are a few guidelines to follow if you want to harness the full benefits of napping during the day.
If you work for yourself or work at home, then it’s simple to add a nap to your daily routine and feel the benefits straight away. Of course in western civilisation, if you’re working the 9-5 it’s unlikely that your employer will be very understanding if you decide to take yourself off mid-afternoon for a nap – so maybe for now naps will evade those of us who are bound to to our desks working for others during the day.
These are some of the benefits of taking naps and why you should make them part of your daily routine.
John Medina, author of Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School, sleep loss has a crippling effect on thinking, attention, memory, reasoning, and mood.

There are many health benefits of napping, which are said to not only increase productivity and creativity for workers.
As evidence from research grows and grows and is more readily available in the public domain, perhaps we will see beds and ‘sleep pods’ in offices in the near future as more people look to unlock the health benefits of napping. Kennedy, each successfully effective in their own right, all advocated napping and made them part of their daily schedule. Make sure that you are napping in the afternoon time rather than morning or evening when you can disrupt sleeping patterns, and confine nap times to short bursts – 10 to 15 minutes rather than over an hour is best. Whilst nowadays adult napping is less widely accepted in most cultures, in Japan, for example, it’s actually good to sleep on the job. Exhaustion to the point of needing to sleep signifies hard work, so it is not just allowed but is actually commended in Japanese businesses.

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