The key to proper posture in this position is to keep the spine in a straight line (when viewed from the front or back of the body).
To achieve better sleep posture, research studies and leading medical institutions recommend supporting the neck, lower back, and knees during back sleep.
Good posture reduces strain on the muscles and ligaments of the spine, and prevents muscular pain(9).
Traditional head pillows can raise the head at excessive angles, but sleeping without a pillow typically results in a lack of support. Placing a back support pillow under the pelvis will raise lower back and help maintain the lumbar curve. Unfortunately, common sleeping positions often lead to poor sleeping posture and neck and back pain when sleeping(1,4,6,7).

Normally, the buttocks and the upper back are in contact with the sleep surface, while the lower back is minimally supported. Placing a support pillow under the lower back and knees reduces strain on the lumbar curve of the lower back. Stomach sleeping, especially on soft surfaces, forces the lumbar curve of the lower back into a flattened position. These are the cervical (neck area) curve, the thoracic (upper back) curve and the lumbar (lower back) curve. When the body is lying on its side, gravity pulls the spine from its naturally straight shape (when viewed from the front or back of the body). To prevent strain in the lower back, a support pillow should be provided beneath the waist and under the upper leg.

This can lead the neck and lower back regions of the spine to bend toward the sleep surface and cause neck or back pain when sleeping. By positioning the spine in a straight shape and the legs parallel to each other, the body maintains good posture by raising the lower back into alignment and preventing excessive rotation of the pelvis(1,4,6,7). Altogether, these practices distribute the force of gravity across the length of the spine and reduce the probability neck or back pain during sleep(1,4,6,7).

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