One must first establish that the person has been drinking heavily and for a prolonged period.
These symptoms are accompanied by reported distress or impairment in one's social settings or conversations, problems at work or other reports of dysfunctional behaviors.
In making the diagnosis of alcohol withdrawals, it is important to rule out any other general medical conditions that have similar symptomology. Minor withdrawal symptoms from moderate alcohol intake include insomnia, tremors, mild anxiety, upset stomach, headache, heart palpitations and a loss of appetite.
Delirium tremens, disorientation, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, sweating, and agitation can also appear in two to four days after the beginnings of alcohol withdrawals.

These symptoms should make it obvious that alcohol is extremely toxic to our bodies and if you were to examine the effects of other organic poisons, you would find that the reaction of the body is very similar to what we are describing as alcohol withdrawals.
Anyone that has had severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms needs to realize that these manifestations are symptoms of organ damage and should be made aware that the old folk remedy of having another drink to relieve the pain of withdrawals is a dangerous action, especially if a person has had severe alcohol intoxication. Binge drinkers notoriously drink until they are severely drunk and then suffer through the withdrawals from their intoxication. Narconon is one of the only residential alcohol and drug treatment programs that addresses the severe damage that alcohol poisoning does to the alcoholics body and mind. Alcohol is widely marketed as a social lubricant, especially to our youth, but from the above description of these effects of this drug, it can easily been seen that alcohol is poisonous to the body and the youth in our society need to be educated in the truth about alcohol, as well as, all other drugs.

Even the mildest withdrawals, usually referred to as a bad hangover, may cause some physical symptoms, such as trembling of hands and some head shaking, usually accompanied by a headache, perhaps accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

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