A number of easy steps can help parents make this change hardly noticeable for their children, from gradually retracting their child’s bedtime, to making sure their children don’t drink too much caffeine. But if you have little ones, falling back means they may wake up earlier and mess up the sleep schedule of mom and dad. He says you can expect a little bit of sleep deprivation after the time change but pushing back that sleep schedule could help. Those lazy summer mornings and longer sleeping times will give way to a stricter, less compliant schedule.

Well doctors say it is nice for teenagers.Typically, they find teens like to sleep in and it’s easy for them to adjust. Craig Canapari, Medical Director, Pediatric Sleep Program at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. This is a good time to start transitioning your child from the relaxed summer schedule to a more uniform school year itinerary. And while that extra hour of sleep may be nice for some, for your little ones it may mess up their sleep schedule.

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