I get a lot of requests for newborn sleep advice, so I thought I would write this down and keep it on here before I move on to the next phase and forget!
This is the plan that has worked for me, Baby Wise has so much helpful information and Baby Wise 2 has a lot of helpful tips on manners, etc.. English Shepherd Shadows -  My Blog About Savannah        July 10, 2012    The Pups are 18 days old today and doing very well.
Here are some suggestions I have been successful using for getting my babies to sleep through the night- it is somewhat based on Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam.
A lot of babies wake up crying a little but are not actually awake- make sure they are truly awake before getting them up. Days and Nights: I said it earlier but getting the days and nights in order is huge at the beginning. Be flexible: if they wake up early and are hungry or you have somewhere to be and can't feed there- feed them and start the cycle from that feeding point. First Month: Just enjoy and relax the first month- try to get them awake enough for feeding- but just enjoy the baby and worry about the schedule at 4 weeks!
Sleep Props: I think blankies (for older kids) and binkies are fine sleep props, if it gives a baby comfort- great!
I have had all three girls sleep 8 hours through the night at 8 weeks (actually the last two did it at 6 weeks) and the 12 hours through the night at 12-13 weeks.
At first you need to wake them up at 3 hours to eat (until the 10pm or night time feeding)- this simply gets their days and nights in the right place- if you let them sleep all day- they will not sleep all night- seems logical to me. I always wait 15 or 20 minutes before getting them up to make sure they are truly awake (this is after the 4 week mark, the first 4 weeks they will probably eat every 3-4 hours at night).
I just make sure to wake them at the 3 hour mark and get them REALLY awake to eat and I make them eat a full portion- not snacking. I always try to put them down in the crib for at least 1 nap when they are newborns, that way it isn't a transition when they move in there. Crank it up loud- they can sleep anywhere with anyone in the room and with noise- dogs barking, doorbell ringing, siblings crying, etc.. Sometimes it is just delightful to rock your baby and snuggle- but most of the time, simply lay them down and let them work themselves into sleep. When you have a schedule, you will have the confidence to know when they need naps- you are absolutely meeting their needs by allowing them to sleep at nap time. Don't jump up every time they are sleeping and cry- make sure they are truly awake- this goes for nap or nighttime sleep. I am blessed with good babies, but I also put in effort from the start to establish a routine for them that encourages them to sleep through the night.
I think it also establishes a good expectation from the start- the parent runs the show, not the baby.
Make sure you are getting enough calories to feed the baby- the theory that you will lose weight immediately when nursing is not necessarily true if you want to mind your milk.

If they fall asleep after feeding and you cannot get them awake- just let them sleep and start over at the next feeding- but really try for a little wake time- probably means laying them down! After the 13 week mark, every day should be pretty predictable- wake time at the same time, naps at the same time, feedings at the same time and bed time at the same time- so you can schedule accordingly! As long as they are having wake time during the day and you wake them up every 3 hours to eat (again, working on days and nights)- just enjoy! My girls had cradle cap and Mustela makes a great foam shampoo for cradle cap, I like to lotion after every bath (again, love Mustela for newborns)- here is an article on baby massage it helps a lot with development and I use this time after bath with lotion to do the massage. Baby wise says there is a period of active sleep and restful sleep during each sleep period.
Keep things like- teaching them self control, obedience and patience in mind from the beginning and you will be grateful you did when they are toddlers! My grandsons Dylan and nicholas and I are spending alot of time with the pups.  In the next week we will start inviting all our friends and their children over to play with the puppies. I have said it before on here, it doesn't matter what plan you use, but I believe you will be a lot more relaxed and your baby will be a lot happier if you have a plan.
I nursed my first two girls for a year each and it wasn't until I stopped nursing that I lost all of the baby weight. After a feeding they are all snuggly and warm and just want to sleep with you (at least all 3 of mine did) so I found if I lay them down right away they wake up and if they still sleep, clearly they need sleep. It is hard (for you, emotionally) because it is a big bed and tiny baby- but you will sleep better and they will not have to adjust to the new place when they are older.
And I believe it gives them the constant familiar sound no matter where they are that signals "bed time". Once you know they CAN sleep 8 hours or 12 hours (nutritionally) it will make you more relaxed to let them cry a little bit and go back to sleep. It is very rare for my babies to cry- having a routine gives them- and us- security to know what is coming next. I have even put my girls in the living room outside my room- they can sleep anywhere and through anything as newborns. I had a few different blankies the girls slept with, they have their favorites but they are totally fine to sleep with another blankie if their favorite one is in the wash. I must say before you read this or Baby Wise; you do not need to be rigid with this plan, be flexible and relaxed with it.
This comes in handy for school bags later on- you can keep one in there and wash it and not have school germs in their beds. This also works well for travel- they can have their blankie at sleep times but you can wash it or give them a clean one later on when that one has travel germs! I was a lot more rigid with my firstborn and I am forced to be really flexible with my third- and they both successfully slept through the night! If you cannot or do not want to nurse- don't stress about it- the important thing is that your baby is receiving adequate nutrition and you are enjoying it!!

Lots of people love swaddling, I do a loose swaddle at the beginning, I like them to have their arms free and legs able to move around- so I loosely swaddle mainly for warmth! I also like the vibrate button on the bassinet to help them settle in to sleep the first month. More on the pups later.        June 28,2012       well Savannah's puppies are almost 1 week old.
I like to rock my babies sometimes, I think it is fine to rock them to sleep, just not every single time- don't let it be the only way they fall asleep. More on Savannah and the puppies later.       June 23,2012    Savannah went into hard labor yesterday morning.
Pic will be up soon as i can get some rest.      June 20,2012  Well i thought last night would be the night, but Savannah proved me wrong.
Just hope i can keep my nerves incheck when the time comes because i know i will be so nervous. She loves for me to rub her big ole belly and she is still sleeping on her back, i have no idea how she manages to do that.
Im going to the goodwill store and pick up a few more blankets for her bed, so she will have plenty.
I set with her every night and love on her for an hour, she just lays her head in my lap and sleeps.
She has been napping flat of her back, i told her to enjoy it now, because i doubt she will be able to do that in another week or two. Poor thing set under the tree looking up for the longest time, i couldnt help but laugh at her. Still getting my supplies ready, almost done just a few more things to do. I know the puppies will be here before i know it, so im getting a jump on everything, so hopefully when the time comes i'll have everything ready so i can give Savannah all my attention, and not be running around like a chicken with no head LOL. I cant believe things are going so fast. I am starting to get her bedding together for her bed, and the other supplies that i will have on hand that i might need when she whelps. I am getting excited about the puppies, wondering what color they will be, since this is her first litter im also wondering how she will handle the whelping part. I told her last night that when Savannah starts to having pups i will call her and she better put her clothes on and hit the road LOL. My grandson helped me clean out the building Sunday, i believe he is getting excited about the pups to. I know the puppies will be here before i know it, so im getting a jump on everything, so hopefully when the time comes i'll have everything ready so i can give Savannah all my attention, and not be running around like a chicken with no head LOL.

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