March 2, 2016
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fresh off the heels of the Academy Awards in Hollywood, let’s have a little fun and set the scene for drama, intrigue, and… exogenous exposure? Contamination of a saliva sample, although relatively rare, can be avoided with patient education, which may have you feeling like Singin' in the Rain again!

Scene 1: It is a day like any other in your practice. Your patient’s hormone results are ready for viewing, and as you open the report, something doesn’t seem quite right. You’ve tested hundreds of patients, yet this test makes the hairs on your neck prickle with horror. “Elevated testosterone – that’s not possible,” you think to yourself.

It is possible to see very elevated hormone levels with salivary testing. When using reasonable supplementation dosages and following proper dosage intervals, these elevations are likely due to The Usual Suspects: contamination and/or exogenous exposure.

Contamination of a saliva sample occurs when the saliva or the collection tube comes into contact with a topical or sublingual hormone supplement. This can happen two ways: through exposure to one’s own supplemented hormones, or to someone else’s supplemented creams or gels. Hormones are prescribed in milligram (mg) dosages, which are noted as 103. The sensitive testing equipment at Labrix is designed to measure salivary hormones, which are in much smaller concentrations. To be specific, the sample is measured in picograms or 1012. If any part of a milligram formula makes its way into the sample, it will corrupt the sample.

Scene 2: A busy, well-lit gym, full of people of all ages. A few women are walking and running on treadmills, while a young man is adjusting a weight machine. Suddenly, the dreaded moment occurs: a man finishes up his workout, and walks out the front door… without wiping down the machine. Oh, the horror!

Unexpected elevations in hormone levels may also be seen with exogenous exposure to hormones. This can be particularly problematic with people who come into contact with ET! (exogenous testosterone) Research has shown virilization in both women and children as a result of exogenous exposure to testosterone gels. Fortunately, symptoms receded when exposure was eliminated.

Cortisone-based medications such as topical cortisone creams will elevate cortisol levels. Similarly, some “anti-aging creams” and cosmetics contain hidden sources of hormones (usually estriol and/or progesterone) which can result in elevated hormone levels.

To prevent this, Labrix recommends the topical hormone user have a designated bathroom and/or towels, separate from other family members. If this is not possible, one should regularly wipe down faucets and surfaces and do a lot of handwashing. (For a full list of Labrix’s contamination-prevention protocol, log onto, Healthcare Provider Resources/Practicalities). Research confirms that handwashing after application, as well as applying hormones to areas that can be covered with clothing, helps to prevent exposure. Additional, unexpected exposure points can be shared gym equipment, and hands-on practitioners who may be using hormone creams such as massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Simply put, the best precaution to ensure accurate results is handwashing after applying hormones, and handwashing on the day of testing. Even research supports the need for this act of simple hygiene to prevent spread of topical hormones to oneself and others. The Labrix collection process is so simple, it can be easy to forget! Follow this award-worthy script to ensure your patients collect their samples properly and contamination issues will be Gone with the Wind.

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